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Automated testing turned out to be a boon for the QA testers as it grills the application against the possible errors. By automated scripts, the application is made bug free without extra human effort. Every application needs to go through this product testing phase to ease out the burden on the QA tester team. It reduces their effort by a huge margin and gears them for other testing challenges.

BoTree technology provides exceptional automated functional testing service. It has been the most reliable outsourcing company for all kinds of software product testing services. With a team that has years of experience in writing testing scripts and implementing white and black box testing, the company has an excellent record of software quality assurance. It leaves no stone unturned for designing and executing novel software QA strategies that boosts product enhancement.

We have successfully implement enterprise wide product testing strategies with several test automation tools in order to deliver finished software products to the customers. We are one of the most trusted names in testing services.

Why automated functional testing services?

  • Improves the efficiency of QA testers
  • Faster testing methods that saves time and human effort
  • Maximizes test coverage of complex scripts
  • Paces up load, stress and volume testing
  • Ensures accuracy and precision
  • Makes regression testing easy
  • Checks correct implementation of business process specifications
  • Analytical tools that requires no repetition
  • Reduces cost of ownership
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