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Load testing is one of the most prominent performance testing methods that check the usability and tolerance of a website. It is the method to check the scalability and sustainability of any application under peak traffic. You can actually save it from crashing by finding the exact breaking point through load performance testing. It is the most recommended method to generate a robust site by using stimulation tools and various stress test strategies.

BoTree Technologies offers an array of independent testing services to give the best end user experience. We have a qualified and experienced team of QA testers that ensure that every application goes through its own set of quality assurance tests. We build customized strategies for each application based on its business requirements. With us, you can have total control over your site, whether it faces peak traffic or is installed in a new IT environment or needs to scale up or down.

Why load performance testing?

  • Ensures best end user experience
  • Finds the breaking down point to save site from crashing
  • Prepares mechanisms, scripts to keep the site up and running in all conditions
  • For a high performing website
  • Assures significant growth even in high traffic scenarios
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