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Elaborate testing services to rule out logical flaws and adhoc errors!

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As every product or application has its distinct functionality, specifications and logical twist; it becomes important to test it for the adhoc errors. To get rid of the one of its kind of bugs, it becomes essential to pass it through manual functional testing. Manual testing is the best way to check the behavioural authenticity of any application. It is the finest way to judge the usability and scalability of a software product.

At BoTree Technologies, there is an experienced QA tester team that picks out bugs from every nook and corner of an application. We ensure that the web solution is in accordance with the Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) as well as the Software Requirement Specifications (SRS). By creating novel test cases, we ensure that the final product clears the white box and black box testing methodologies.

Why manual functional testing?

  • These testing services check the unseen, adhoc errors specific to the application
  • Fool proofs the functional behaviour of an application
  • Checks the security, scalability and usability aspects
  • Verifies the database performance
  • Goes beyond the routine debugging methods
  • Ensures a fully functional, technically sound web solution
  • Boosts product enhancement
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