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The performance of an application is determined by the factors like scalability, security, responsiveness, output and more. This kind of quality check is essential for any application to sustain the market and attract huge number of customers. It ensure product enhancement by modifying the code, checking the site's performance under peak traffic and optimizing the site on the whole.

BoTree Technologies is an expert in performance software testing and has a team that masters the creation of sites and applications that are secure, scalable, high performing and optimized. We conduct various tests that ensure that the website gives excellent output and matches all business requirements. Be it enterprise applications, web portals, eCommerce solutions, social media apps, SaaS, ERM, CRM or ECM, we make way for the best performing applications and web solutions.

Why performance testing is essential?

  • Covers all sorts of tests including load tests, volume tests, scalability test, code review, optimization and more
  • Creates a dynamic, peak performing, optimal application
  • Creates a fool proof website
  • Increases business growth and customer interaction
  • Ensures scalability, sustainability, responsiveness and higher output
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