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This kind of software testing is implemented to prepare the application for the targeted audience. The main focus is to enhance user satisfaction by figuring out the usability issues through honest feedback. It is done through the end user's perspective so as to create application that matches the end user requirement and gives them a great experience. By modifying interfaces and functional aspects, the application is optimized to increase the user base and pushes user interaction.

At BoTree Technologies, we offer the highest level of usability testing services by checking the design and functional aspects of the application. Whether its UX evaluation or UI testing, we find out the loop holes that need to be optimized. We give you a reality check of your application and help you create a fool proof, highly interactive, easy to use design.

Why usability testing is necessary?

  • For enhanced user interaction
  • Ease of using the features and functionality of the application
  • For modification of features that may hinder end user's experience
  • To create efficient and sustainable applications and web solutions
  • To engage the end user
  • Method for higher revenue generation
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