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User Interface testing is highly important to ensure that the navigation and functional aspects of an application are flawless. During these tests, the QA tester team detects the semantic issues and the errors related to the interface mechanism. By checking cross browser compatibility as well as keyboard and mouse events, we can assure that the UI is matching the end user requirements or not.

At BoTree Technologies, we offer exclusive and elaborate UI testing services to make sure that the user interface is in accordance with the design standards, aesthetics, look & appeal as well as visual content display strategy. By applying several use cases and design tactics, we detect problems related with the application’s semantics and navigation. We find the runtime and peak load time errors with the UI so that modification can be made to ensure consistency across all browsers and platforms.

Why UI testing is a must?

  • For flawless navigation
  • Uniformity of design across all browsers
  • To facilitate ease of site operation for technical and non technical users
  • For visual appeal and efficient user interaction
  • To optimize site from the point of view of design
  • For ease of branding
  • To create the best first impression
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