We are looking for interesting and good people to work with. Till date we have done some amazing work. All our partners are some of the most creative people we know. They work tirelessly, are committed and are very focused.

When I mentioned to Jason that we need to get some traction over Social Media; he is an expert at Social Media Marketing; he suggested a few things and the conversation was over quickly.

After a while I see this

Can I ask for more

…and this…

Can I Ask For More

…and other 98 such tweets…

Can I Ask For More

This is how those 100 tweets looked like on Google Maps.


Jason had just launched a campaign on AdvoWire for us. AdvoWire (www.advowire.com) is something we built and he made sure we benefit from this amazing product.

In less than 24 hours, our website visits increased by over 500% and over 1 million more people knew about us.

We truly felt being treated like “PARTNERS”.

Can I ask for more?

Thanks Jason.

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