It was day before, I was speaking to one of our clients about how we are looking for more work. Well, they are a marketing agency and I thought they can maybe share some ideas.

During the discussion my client asked if I could share details of the kind of companies we are looking forward to work with. I shared details of a few companies and he suggested that maybe I could try and engage more people on Twitter/Facebook and LinkedIn. This is something I hear all the time.

After a while I received his email which read as follows:


Wanted to let you know that I just talked with Han. He seemed really impressed that a client would go out of his way to reach out on behalf of their vendor. Here is his email and if I were you, I’d follow up in the next couple days with some examples of your work and you can remind him that I called on your behalf. I also gave him Jason’s contact info in case he wanted to contact another one of your clients. Best of luck man, I am strongly rooting for you!

This made us realize that our clients really consider us their “PARTNERS”.

Can I ask for more?

Thanks David.

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