Why has healthcare app development gained so much prominence? Fitness-based healthcare applications are introducing people to newer ways of staying fit and taking care of their health. In 2018, fitness and healthcare mobile apps were the 8th most popular app category in the Apple store. Mobile health is increasingly becoming a trend in regular households all across the world.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global home fitness equipment market size was USD 10.18 billion in 2020. The global impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented and staggering, with the product witnessing a positive demand shock across all regions amid the pandemic.

In the current situation of COVID19, people are unable to visit their gyms & fitness centres. This has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people using healthcare applications to stay fit. Apps like Cult.Fit, Nike Training Club, Home Workout, and several others have gained many new followers in just a matter of months. But is this trend only short-term or is it for the long-haul?

Recent surveys have shown that healthcare mobile app development will increase as people take refuge in technology for their basic healthcare needs.

  • When people are traveling, they can’t access the gym. Their favourite application for healthcare saves their day by providing a good fitness regime and a healthy workout.
  • While traveling, people are also unable to take care of their nutrition and diet. Today, several healthcare mobile apps provide nutrition details according to cities and countries where people can get a diet according to their nutrient values for the body.
  • Not everyone has the time to go to the gym. Thus, healthcare app developers came up with the solution to integrate short 10 to 15 minutes workouts in the mobile apps for quick movements of the body. This is one of the most popular segments of fitness-based healthcare applications.

On average, people use fitness apps more than twice every week. People want more control over their health and access to personalize body care. While some may be busy, others prefer getting access to workout and fitness regime at their discretion. Healthcare app development has enabled hospitals, clinicians, trainers, and startups to deliver fitness-based healthcare applications which fulfil the growing demand of the tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts.

How Healthcare Applications are Helping Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness healthcare mobile apps ensure that people looking to stay fit get their essential body workout whenever they want. It has also enabled people to exercise with the top trainers across the world without any problem. Here’s the kind of healthcare app development that has been done and continues to be innovative with every day: –

  • Live workout healthcare apps

Getting popular during the lockdown, live workout healthcare applications are now the new way to fitness. These applications provide live sessions with renowned trainers all over the world, and people can work out with them Cult.fit is one such app that provides these features. BoTree can also build you a healthcare mobile app like.

  • Holistic fitness applications

Another area where healthcare mobile app development has marked its feet is the holistic fitness app category. These applications provide complete physical and mental workouts. They provide home training sessions for body movements as well as meditations and mental health training. They are getting popular as people look for holistic health benefits in a single app.

  • Fitness tracking apps

Healthcare app developers are probably aware of the fact that the healthcare app industry is popularized widely by fitness tracking apps. Fitbit is one of the leading players in the fitness tracking market which enables people to track their heart rate, calorie count, steps taken, and much more information. These types of healthcare mobile apps are now integrated with native features to provide a complete healthcare insurance experience.

  • Institutional healthcare applications

Popular amongst institutions, healthcare facilities, and startups, healthcare mobile app development for institutions is based upon providing services from particular facilities. This includes online consultation, booking appointments, making payment, receiving invoices, solving queries, and a personalized lookout on healthcare. These applications for healthcare come in handy to elders who need emergency services but can’t visit the facility. BoTree has built a healthcare mobile app like that already.

  • Medicine-based apps

Another form of healthcare applications are online medicine delivery applications which are increasingly gaining traction. Netmeds is a prime example, a healthcare app delivering medicines by taking online orders in the time of coronavirus. It has eased the acquisition of medicines for different people all across the globe.

Enable better Fitness Management with Healthcare Applications

Fitness is becoming a top priority of people all over the world. They are more conscious about what they eat, their workouts, and their mental health. Custom healthcare app development will help you to take your fitness expertise to the masses and help them with better health.

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