Pair Programming is a great technique in Agile Development. Two programmers work together on one code.

There are two roles, the navigator and the driver.

The role of the navigator is to maintain the focus on the strategic direction, to come up with new ideas and to anticipate likely challenges in and after the execution of the program. This allows the driver to focus on the tactical aspect of the program.

In pair programming, the combination of an expert and a novice adds most value to the project and the organization as a whole.

At BoTree we call this working style “Mentored Programming“.

It is not synonymous with pair programming but a combination of pair programming and of mentoring. The mentor observes and guides the programmer.

Mentoring is helping, guiding, comforting a less experienced person to learn new skills, adopt techniques, improve thinking process, and mindset through nurturing of the talents.

The mentor accompanies the protégé throughout the project, and endeavors to ‘transplant’ her knowledge in her.

When verbal assistance fails to explain the issue to the protégé, the mentor demonstrates the way forward.

The good mentor encourages the protégé to take risks assuring them a support of a safety net. This way many innovative ideas can take place in the organization.

She provokes the protégé’s thinking by invoking logical and analytical questions to the protégé as if she is the project owner and has no available help.

The mentor takes regular audit of the protégé’s progress, and challenges to look for opportunities for improvement.

Such arrangements benefit organizations greatly by gradually aligning the novice to the culture of the organization. It puts in place a learning mechanism which is always functioning in the background.

Eventually, it transforms the organization and helps it get to the next level.

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