We have read many discussions about programming a software, people sharing amazing creative ideas and patterns to making things simple yet more productive. But it is found that most new professionals mistaken it as a coding/programming only, and it takes long time for them to understand the reality of it.

The Industry gurus say that “Programming is an art!“, which is really true. So with that, its automatically attached with our passion! (Because art only comes if we have passion)

In addition to that, I would say it’s maths and it requires a lot of thinking before we can really do any code! It requires a lot of efforts to really understand and plan what exactly we are going to do, it is not just that we started a computer and start writing some language syntax. It requires a constructive thought-process, logical ideas to identify diff. steps and build it exactly the way we thought of.

How to build it?

Whenever we get some requirements, what is the first reaction? For starters, it’s mostly “Oh, OK. I think we can do this by doing A,B,C,D steps“. We simply jump on thinking the implementation details, in a hurry or early enthusiasm. Wait, Let us think and see what we gonna do.

Once we give ourselves time to think, we actually can do the following.

  1. Read & Understand – Before we jump on any conclusions, let us read it thoroughly and carefully. Check each and everything to understand what exactly needs to be done.
  2. Think & Analyze – Check it thoroughly and analyze feasibility, identify all possible scenario before we can actually do any changes.
  3. Define the understanding, ask questions and validate your approach. We have to ask that “Does it really going to help here?”.
  4. Design the basic framework by following the basics of OOPsSOLID. Suppose, if we have decided to write a class then first of all create the new class, define constructor arguments, all public methods. The framework is ready, now we just need to work on the internal implementation.
  5. Write down unit tests to test the code you have added. So, this require us to create reusable and testable code!



Think & Understand

Ask questions

Define use-cases & scenarios

Understand technicalities – Where and how you are planning to do it

Define and validate your approach

DO CODE CHANGES – See, its really at a very later stage, you need to do much more to come at this point!

Add Unit tests

If we follow such simple approach, we can definitely build ship-able software with quality code, which eventually satisfy customer needs without any hassles!

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