We are very conscious about increasing productivity in all aspects. We always in search for how to make most out of available working hours. We use all available tools at our disposal to improve overall productivity of the team. This post focuses on how to rectify your tasks with which your day starts at office.

When we start our working day at our desk, it is almost mechanical and habitual to start the software / applications which we would use during the whole day.

We manually start all those applications for that. So instead of opening all the applications manually, we can open those by running one command.

Here are the simple steps to start all required tools we need everyday using shell script:

Create a new file on your machine.

$ touch launchscript.sh

Grant executable permissions the file.

 $ sudo chmod -R 777 launchscript.sh

Add the commands for open the applications (Use ‘&’). You can add as many applications as you wish to open. Here is a simple script to open Firefox, Google Chrome, Atom and Sublime editors, and Skype:

 firefox &
 google-chrome &
 sudo atom &
 skype &
 exit 0

Now, execute this file using the following command.

 $ sh launchscript.sh

That’s it.

Enjoy your work!!!

Thank you for reading!

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