Startups often fail because they lack the right project management methodology. If some manage to make past their first year and turn into fast-paced startups, they fail in managing their scaled operations. At this moment, agile project management comes into the picture. It compensates for the lack of planning, administration, unmanaged work, and operations. Agile project methodology enables these startups to scale their operations by switching from traditional methods of project management into a more flexible alternative.

Agile Project Management: What it can do for a Startup?

The agile approach to project management focuses on collaborative efforts and an iterative methodology of managing projects. It offers flexibility to the team members and results in prompt delivery of products and services. The continuous feedback from clients enables quick prototyping and offers more time to market.

Startups can use some of the best agile project management software like Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development Method, Extreme Programming, Feature Driven Development, and Lean Development. Startups have resource constraints, and agile can help them make the best use of them. It enables self-organizing behavior and an integrated cross-functional framework.

Benefits of Agile Project Management for Fast Growing Startups

Startups teams can easily collaborate through an agile approach to project management. It offers several benefits that can help startups scale their operations and efficiently manage projects.

  • Quick Delivery
    Startups have smaller projects as compared to MNCs but require tremendous efforts nonetheless. With agile, teams can divide a project into sprints and work quickly on each one. This reduces the development time as each sprint is completed within 2-4 weeks. The continuous feedback from the client leads to constant deliverable. It also enables the timely development of the product.
  • Competitive Advantage
    By adopting the agile project management with Scrum methodology, startups can provide their customers with a competitive advantage. Any updates from the competitor can be studied and improved upon in each sprint. Continuous changes and updates INS prints will help develop a product that outmatches the product of the competitor. It offers a huge competitive advantage as the client has a better offering in the market.
  • Collaborative Effort
    The agile methodology of project management brings the entire team together. There is no operation performed in isolation. Since the sprint requires efforts from all team members, it leads to teamwork and builds trust between team members. The collaborative efforts are always rewarded as everyone knows what is going on with the entire project.

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Challenges Startups Face in Agile Project Implementation

Agile project management methodology is not easy to implement for startups. Some of the major challenges in incorporating agile in startups include –

  • Considering Agile a Remedy
    Startups make the mistake of taking agile project management as a foolproof plan. They believe it’s a remedy that will cure all their resource limitations. Agile is a way of efficiently managing projects and not a solution to all the problems. Blaming agile methodology for a startup’s strategic issues only leads to failure.
  • Resisting Adoption
    The traditional waterfall management is routine and embedded in every company. Startups feel that switching to an agile project methodology will disrupt their pace and create challenges. This resistance to adoption is a major challenge that startups face.
  • Administration
    Even if some startups implement agile, their lack of evaluating agile leads to failure. The work is all over the place, and their inability to regularly administer it is a significant challenge. They fail to account for the positive changes that are taking place and don’t properly focus on the methodology.

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