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Our logistics app development services and solutions allow you to efficiently monitor and manage your fleet. You can easily transact with companies worldwide using our high-quality logistics tracking and management solutions. We offer scalable, dynamic, and interconnected transport app development to help your enterprise thrive.

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Transform Your Operations with a Logistics App Development Company that Overcomes Industry Challenges

Transport companies need custom app development to efficiently manage their fleet, streamline document management, and facilitate cross-border exchange of goods. AI-enabled logistics apps can optimize workflow and convert data into valuable insights. Our supply chain app development services offer real-time shipment tracking to ensure on-time delivery and help you stay on top of your logistics operations.

Unlocking the Benefits of Tailored Logistics App Development Solutions

Logistics app developers ensure that your company manages its fleet of vehicles with ease and achieve swift transportation in different regions.

  • Overcome hurdles in management of transport vehicles
  • Optimize routes and ensure timely deliveries
  • Manage dispatch schedules and monitoring
  • Better inventory management and tracking
  • Lucrative mobile solution for vendor management

Transform Your Logistics Operations with Our Customizable Logistics App Development Solutions

We offer complete logistics and truck app development solutions to manage your entire fleet with ease. Whether you want a bills processing system or shipment tracking portal, we can create it for you.

Real-time Tracking Solutions

We are a leading logistics application development company for high-quality real-time logistics industries solutions to always stay aware of your goods in transit.

Supply Chain Management Apps

As one of the top supply chain companies for dynamic apps, we build logistics management systems that offer complete supply chain management from vendors to retailers.

Warehouse Management Software

Track your inventory, ensure that all goods are available, monitor restocking and inventory levels with robust & scalable ai-enabled warehouse management applications.

Order Management Solutions

Get the best order processing apps for managing your orders, check the order status, and ensure that all orders are fulfilled with a powerful order management system.

Vehicle Management System

Manage all your vehicles from the fleet at one place by getting a dynamic vehicle management system that helps with transportation management software and vehicle allocation.

Route Optimization Applications

We develop and deliver high-quality route optimization for transportation management applications that enable you to find the best routes for deliveries and offer on-time delivery to customers.

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Logistics App Development Services for Streamlined Supply Chain Operations

We provide a wide range of supply chain management app development services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our team has the best-in-class expertise and experience to deliver services that will fulfill all your logistics needs.

Custom Logistics App Development

We provide tailor-made fleet and warehouse management applications, supply chain apps, and other logistics solutions for your specific business requirements.

Logistics Web Application Development

We build cost-effective logistics web applications to help companies manage their logistics & transportation through a centralized system.

Logistics Mobile App Development

Our team offers complete logistics and transport mobile application development to ensure that movement can be managed via mobile devices.

On-demand Logistics Applications

Get on-demand logistics and delivery applications for your business to ensure that customers get the best services whenever they need it.

Logistics Analytics Solutions

We offer the best data analytics solutions for your logistics and transportation needs to ensure that you make real-time decisions with the right information.

Maintenance and Support

Achieve complete maintenance and support for your existing or new logistics application - from migration to new version releases, we provide everything.

Why to Hire Our Logistics Developers for Your App Development Needs?

As a trusted logistics app development company, we have years of experience in building custom software applications. Our team of logistics software developers possesses the expertise to craft logistics and transportation solutions for various industries, including pharma, manufacturing, e-commerce, and transport providers. Trust us to deliver tailored solutions that suit your business needs.

  • Dedicated logistics programmers with 9+ years of experience.
  • Seamless communication and transparent development process.
  • Transport app Developers aligned as per your time zone.
  • Expertise in powerful logistics app migration.
  • Rapid product development and quick deployment.
  • 24/7 availability of developers for your project.
  • Workflow management with top project management tools.

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  • 100% on-shore
  • Single flex contract for all developers
  • Remote work in your time zone
BoTree Technologies

Step-by-Step Approach to Developing Our Logistics Application

We follow a unique process for logistics web app development. Our experts understand your requirements and follow the best practices that help in launching the prototype for your logistics system within a couple of weeks.

Gathering requirements

Our team collects your requirements, ideas, and expectations for custom app development for logistics. We identify from the beginning what features need to be added to make logistics app development seamless.

Resource Allocation

We then deploy the right logistics app developers on your project. Our team has a number of developers who understand the ins and outs of the process and provide the best logistics app development services.

Application Development

Our transport app programmers deliver prototypes and design the application using the best practices and latest technologies and tools. We work with Ruby on Rails, Python, React and other tech stacks to deliver high-quality solutions.

QA Testing & Launch

As one of the top logistics app development companies, we conduct through testing of the solution before releasing the final version. We ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the application during the launch.

Maintenance & Support

Our team provides complete maintenance and support for the logistics web and mobile application to ensure that you don’t face any problems after launch. We also offer complete app upgrades and new version releases./p>

Our Logistics Development Engagement Models

We understand that every client has different needs, and they require complete flexibility. Keeping that in mind, we offer three custom engagement models to hire dedicated logistics programmers from us.

Dedicated Resource Engagement

A Dedicated Resource model is a relationship where BoTree will provide resources to you full- time, and you need to pay for them on a monthly basis. Our logistics team will work just for you, and with the highest priority. You can consider the remote logistics app developers as your in-house team, just sitting in a different office. Hire transport app programmers for complete development & IT solutions.

Fixed Pricing Model

A Fixed Price model occurs when you provide detailed project specifications, and BoTree commits to provide developers to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller, highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP), but is not well suited for agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress.

Hourly Pricing Model

This model is suitable for clients who don’t have a clear roadmap about the amount of work. The pricing is determined based on the man-hours required to complete the project, i.e. hourly charging. When the specification of the project, the scope of work and implementation of the project plan cannot be estimated during the initial phase, you can hire top logistics developers based on the hourly model which is the best option for development.

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Real-World Success Stories: Case Studies in Logistics App Development

We're proud to have developed top-performing logistics solutions that have increased our clients' revenue. Take a look at our portfolio:


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We provide a dedicated team of logistics app developers who work specifically on your project and ensure that everything is taken care of. We have dedicated resources for logistics and truck app development.

The cost of the logistics app development depends upon the complexity of the project. The average price of a logistics and transportation app comes to around $25,000 - $100,000, depending on the features you need in the app.

At BoTree Technologies, we have a team of transport app developers who offer dynamic app development for transport and logistics companies. Our team takes care of everything - from recommending the best technology to maintaining the app.

Yes, our support and maintenance package works even after the application is live. We provide support for a nominal fee after a specified time period to ensure that your application has to face no problems in the future.

We provide rapid transportation app development services - our team builds prototypes for logistics applications within a couple of weeks. We don’t hurry but we also don’t waste any time in building the app - our team never compromises on quality.

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