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Get a powerful Java enterprise application, web-based software solution, and mobile application. We offer scalable, robust, and platform independent Java development services for multiple business domains.

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Java Development Company for Enterprise and Startups

Java is a high-level programming language for companies that want the best of interactive web and mobile app development. Used widely for Android mobile applications, our Java application development services focus on everything - from single page applications to enterprise-grade CRM and ERP systems. We are a leading and high performance Java development company with a team of dedicated Java developers for each project.

Why choose Java for Your Next Project

Java is the third best programming language, and offers powerful coding capabilities unmatched by any other language.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Some consider Java to be much faster than Python, enabling companies to build rapid prototypes.
  • Highly Secure

    Java is a statistically typed language, leading to much better security than other dynamically typed languages.
  • Robust Ecosystem

    Apart from being scalable, Java has a rich set of APIs, libraries and tools to build interactive web & mobile apps.

Our Java Development Services

BoTree Technologies provides a portfolio of custom Java software development services to meet the web and mobile application requirements of digital enterprises. You can hire Java developers from us for different services.

Java/J2EE Software Development

Expert Java developer who builds multi-layered applications and interactive android apps.

Java Web Development Services

We create Java applications for healthcare, fintech, new economy, and other domains.

Java Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development using J2ME or Java Me for Android devices.

Enterprise Java Development

Our Java developers create enterprise-grade systems and Java platforms.

Java Migration Services

Migrate existing apps and solutions to Java for better features and improved performance.

Java Maintenance & Support

Java developers who provide complete support to maintain existing apps and release new versions.

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Java Development Technology Stack at BoTree

We are a Java application development company that works with the latest Java tools and platforms, technologies and Java frameworks to build modern-day digital solutions for enterprises. Apart from the Java programming language, we use the following Java technologies for development:

Frameworks Spring MVC Spring Security Spring boot / Rest API JSF Hibernate
Front End React Angular Vue jQuery Bootstrap
Database MS-SQL MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL MongoDB Oracle Firebase Elasticsearch
Apache Foundation Maven Kafka Hadoop
Deployment AWS Google Cloud Azure Docker Kubernetes
BI and Reporting JasperReports Pentaho / Hitachi Vantera
Caching Memcached Redis
DevOps Docker Kubernetes Jenkins
Testing Selenium Katalon Test Studio Test Rail Apache JMeter OWASP ZAP BrowserStack Postman
Project Management Jira Slack Trello Microsoft Team

Why Choose Java Engineers from BoTree?

Our Java development team is well equipped with the right talent and experience to build interactive web and mobile applications. We have Java software developers who have built some of the best apps for the healthcare, fintech, and ecommerce industries. Hire our Java developers for high-quality Java apps in your industry.

  • Dedicated Java experts with 8+ years of experience.
  • Seamless communication and transparent development process.
  • Java consultants aligned as per your time zone.
  • Expertise in powerful Java migration.
  • Rapid product development and quick deployment.
  • 24/7 availability of Java developers for your project.
  • Workflow management with top project management tools.

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  • 100% on-shore
  • Single flex contract for all developers
  • Remote work in your time zone
BoTree Technologies

Our Engagement Models

We understand that every client has different needs from a Java software development company, and they require complete flexibility. Keeping that in mind, we offer three custom engagement models to hire dedicated Java programmers from us.

Dedicated Resource Engagement

A Dedicated Resource model is a relationship where BoTree will provide resources to you full- time, and you need to pay for them on a monthly basis. Our Java team will work just for you, and with the highest priority. You can consider the remote Java developers as your in-house team, just sitting in a different office. Hire Java programmers for complete development & IT solutions.

Fixed Pricing Model

A Fixed Price model occurs when you provide detailed project specifications, and BoTree commits to provide developers to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller, highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP), but is not well suited for agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress.

Hourly Pricing Model

This model is suitable for clients who don’t have a clear roadmap about the amount of work. The pricing is determined based on the man-hours required to complete the project, i.e. hourly charging. When the specification of the project, the scope of work and implementation of the project plan cannot be estimated during the initial phase, you can hire top Java developers based on the hourly model which is the best option for development.

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Our Java Development Methodology (Process)

Being a leading Java development company we take care of the entire Java application development process - from conceptualization to support & maintenance. Our Java experts manage every stage of the process without any hassle.

Requirement Analysis

We carefully understand your requirements, analyze the size of your Java projects, and recommend the best possible solution.

Resource Allocation

You can conduct interviews of our Java developers and hire the best one that suits your Java solution requirements and project needs.

Application Development

Our Java programmers deliver prototypes and design the application using the best practices and latest Java tools.

QA Testing & Launch

Our QA developers analyze the application, minimize the issues, and release the best version for gathering feedback.

Maintenance & Support

Apart from Java product development, we offer complete Java support services and maintenance for new and existing Java applications.

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Java Solution for Diverse Industries

We offer custom Java web development solutions for multiple domains. Our Java team builds enterprise and consumer-focused apps for small and large enterprises across different industries.

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FAQs on Java Application Development

Java engineers build highly intuitive Java application development solutions for mobile devices, primarily for Android. It is a highly robust programming language for creating interactive UIs for Smartphones.

Each Java solution has different requirements. The cost depends on the complexity of the business logic, features in the application, and the efforts required to complete the Java project. Generally, the cost ranges between $20,000 - $100,000.

We provide a team of Java consultants dedicated to your project. We have fixed and project-based packages for Java engineers who work solely on your solution development requirements to deliver fast and reliable products.

Similar to the cost, Java development services require different timeframes depending on the complexity of the project. As a leading Java development company, we build prototypes within a couple of months.

Java is a diverse programming language and has frameworks and platforms for building different types of applications. Our engineers can build web apps, mobile apps, enterprise-grade systems, desktop apps, and embedded apps using Java.

Get Powerful and Highly Scalable Apps built with Java.

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