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Machine Learning Services

  • Computer Vision
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Neural Network Development
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Natural Language Processing
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Today, machine learning programs are making their mark in every industry. From medical diagnosis in healthcare to fraud detection in financial transactions, machine learning solutions offer a wide range of applications. Not only enterprises are capitalizing on technology, but they are also improving it through their own innovations. With digital transformation becoming a priority, machine learning systems can bring a whole new world of technological knowledge and opportunities to your enterprise. Machine learning can help you to -

Increase Sales

Identify future customer behaviour through their past purchase history and target them based on supply & demand patterns to increase your sales.

Improve Productivity

Input massive amounts of data in yourmachine learning system and generate patterns & insights with accuracy & efficiency, increasing enterprise productivity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide customized products and personalized content to your customers through machine learning programs and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Machine Learning Types

Supervised Learning

Supervised machine learning algorithms utilize inputs when the output is known. These models are trained using datasets to deliver results which follow a predictable pattern.

Unsupervised Learning

Machine learning models that are complex and do not require human intervention. These are difficult to implement as they learn from themselves.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement models are based on a reward system which utilizes hit-and-trial method where the machine is reinforced to perform actions based on specific rewards.

Machine Learning Solutions and Business Integration

Machine learning services offer a wide range of applications for businesses and enterprises. Integration machine learning in your organization is not an easy task. However, if you can identify the right processes, incorporating machine learning algorithms can make a world of difference in your profitability.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Data collection from various processes and automate them to improve efficiency

Personalize Customer Journey

Personalize websites, emails, and applications to make the customer feel more important

Detect Inadequacies

Extract patterns from customer data and detect dissatisfaction for future improvements

Analyze Datasets

Machine learning algorithms enable analyses of large customer datasets

Forecast & Predict

Machine learning programs that predict market trends, revenue levels, and estimate profits

Real-time Analysis

Detect anomalies in real-time and provide quick updates to different teams or customers

Machine Learning Systems and Big Data

Big data enables machine learning algorithms to make sense of massive amounts of data. Machine learning works with both structured and unstructured data. ML and AI solutions are a must for organizations that generate and work with tons of data. Big data and machine learning are an inevitable part of such organizations if they want to reap the maximum benefits out of their massive datasets. Machine learning can help big data companies with -

Target Audience Segmentation

Machine learning experts build models that can help segment target audience from a large dataset of consumers

Behaviour Modelling

Efficient machine learning models can take a deep dive into consumer datasets and develop behaviour models for better targeting

Recommendation Engines

Big data and machine learning services are combined to develop recommendation engines from datasets targeted to specific users

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Our Machine Learning Services Capabilities

BoTree Technologies build high-grade, enterprise-ready machine learning solutions to reduce cost, increase efficiency and boost productivity. Our machine learning experts provide 2x faster product delivery and enable you to act smartly in the digital era.

High-volume Data Processing

We build machine learning systems for processing high-volumes of structured and unstructured data. Our team is expert in machine learning programs and creates data models to find patterns and generate actionable insights for enterprises.

Cloud Infrastructure

We specialize in cloud deployment of applications using Heroku, DigitalOcean, and AWS. Our skilled developers build machine learning systems and integrate them on the cloud for real-time activity monitoring and responsive decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

Our machine learning experts build solutions using historical data and enable enterprises to make predictions. We assist you in predicting revenue, sales, profit, through restructuring data and identifying the most accurate result through different variable based models.

Adaptive Programs

As a machine learning company, we build adaptive machine learning programs that utilize the variables in a real-time environment and use them for quick decision-making. Our data-driven machine learning solutions learn continuously and offer critical business insights.

Machine Learning Development Tools

Server Framework
Retraining & deploymentAmazon Sagemaker
Initial development
Object detection library
Object detection framework
Object detection frameworkFaster-R-CNNYOLO
Image conversion
OCRTesseract OCR
Flask server API calls
Segregate imagesDhash algorithm
Image placementHamming distance

Complete Machine Learning Solutions for Innovative Enterprises

BoTree Technologies specializes in the digital transformation of businesses and turns them into futuristic enterprises. Our machine learning programs experts build end-to-end intelligent products and applications. We develop machine learning solutions that personalize the user experience and provide intelligent recommendations. Our machine learning service offerings include -

Data Mining

We utilize numerical, statistical, and computational techniques for developing machine learning algorithms. They analyze raw data and find meaningful correlations to support decision-making.

Natural Language Processing

Our machine learning solutions experts build apps that work with natural language processing to analyze user behaviour. We build customer-centric solutions that enable better targeting & personalization.

Computer Vision

We provide complete image recognition machine learning services to extract useful information from images and documents. We work with facial recognition, biometrics, and other algorithms.

Cognitive Insights

Our machine learning programs architects build applications that crawl through unprocessed data to generate intelligent insights. They unravel trends and patterns to resolve complex business problems.

Robotic Process Automation

We have machine learning systems experts that combine AI and ML with robotic process automation to intelligently automate repetitive operations. We help you to achieve efficiency through mimicking humans.

Forecasting & Prediction

Our machine learning experts make use of historical data to predict and identify trends through seasonal cycles. We assist you in forecasting demand for your products and give you a competitive advantage.

Our Machine Learning Consulting Process

At BoTree Technologies, we follow a smooth process for building machine learning applications. Our experts provide complete ML consulting from requirement gathering to final output delivery and act as your personal IT partner. Our unique machine learning development process is built on the agile methodology, enabling us to deliver quick products.

Requirement Gathering

  • Gather requirements, rough ideas, and concepts
  • Calculate ROI based on machine learning application needs

Research & Analysis

  • R&D of existing products, libraries, and software
  • Review the project literature and get a good idea of the problem

Model Development

  • Data gathering for machine learning program
  • Machine learning model development
  • Model training and experimentation

Testing & Release

  • Rigorous testing and review of the product developed
  • Eliminate redundancies and issues before final release
  • Product launch for commercial use

Support & Maintenance

  • Provide complete support & maintenance
  • Release of latest versions and upgrades

Is Machine Learning Safe to Implement?

Machine learning solutions are rapidly emerging as a way to improve the organizational processes and get better results. They enable making informed decisions based on patterns and valuable insights. Machine learning solutions are completely safe to implement if you have the right datasets and model training. However, there are a few things that might make enterprises sceptical of its effectiveness.

Agile Methodology

BoTree’s entire mobile app development team follows the agile development methodology. It reduces the MVP development time by 25% and gives you more time-to-market the product.

Lack of Experts

Any Machine learning company will acknowledge that they have a lack of machine learning experts as only a few developers are willing to innovate with AI and ML.

Unstructured Data

Structured data can be easily processed with machine learning systems but experts are still not sure about how machine learning models react to unstructured datasets.

Industries Expertise

Our professional developers have served clients in over 10+ industries and continue to add value to new avenues every day. We deliver value to a diverse set of sectors from all over the world.

Machine Learning Use Cases

We take pride in building some of the best technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look.

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FAQs on Machine Learning Services

Machine learning is the core technology which drives artificial intelligence applications. Machine learning programs are the brains behind artificial intelligence. The algorithms work with structured and unstructured data to detect patterns and deliver valuable insights. Artificial intelligence applications use machine learning models to perform tasks and conversations that imitate human behaviour. Your application will be an artificial intelligence application driven by machine learning systems. For ex., a prediction-based app will use machine learning models for making predictions in the AI application.

Definitely. If you choose to get a web or mobile application integrated with machine learning solutions, it will be 100% mobile-friendly. We understand that most users today use mobile devices, and you want to target them. Our machine learning developers build completely responsive applications that enable your app to interact and converse like humans. It will give the same personal touch and recommendations that it gives to desktop users. We will completely customize the application to match the device requirements and make it mobile-response for all devices.

When you select BoTree Technologies machine learning services, you can be assured of complete professionalism and high-quality of work. We have machine learning solutions experts who have solved some of the most complex business problems through machine learning algorithms. They have built solutions for facial recognition, sentiment analysis, and several other areas of business operation. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering promising products and IT solutions across the globe to over 50 clients. Rest assured, we will never compromise on the quality of products.

Yes. You get complete control over the development process as we follow the agile methodology for developing machine learning programs. Our developers take your feedback and make modifications in each iteration. You can monitor the progress of your project and track what changes were made. Machine learning solutions are dynamic in nature, and we understand that they may call for continuous intervention. That’s why our development team regularly communicates with you about the changes that need to be made.

Yes. We have three engagement models and one of them is the dedicated resource engagement. Under this model, you get a dedicated team of machine learning algorithm experts who provide full-time development and support services to your project. They will be completely involved with your application and act as your in-house machine learning solutions team. Apart from that, you can hire machine learning developers for a Fixed price on a monthly basis or Hourly price, paying only for the number of hours taken to do the work.

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