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We build digital banking and Fintech services to increase profitability & customer convenience.


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Our tailor-made FinTech solutions focus on meeting the industry benchmarks and regulatory standards for every FinTech startup and Company. We provide FinTech services that keep you aligned with the latest trends in the financial industry.

Regulatory Compliance

We build FinTech app development solutions that comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines of your business operations and local government.

Third-party integrations

We provide FinTech app development services with robust third-party integrations that make your application a powerhouse of engagement.

Data protection

We are one of the top FinTech companies providing complete data security, privacy, and safety of your confidential information.

User experience

Hire FinTech developers for immersive user experiences that make the navigation seamless for visitors and keeps them hooked to the application.

Our FinTech App Development Services

We understand the drastic changes in the financial industry and offer world-class FinTech application development services that match the dynamic financial environment and make you a market leader.

Crowdfunding Portal Development

We build comprehensive crowdfunding platforms for bringing businesses closer to investors and help clients build an active business community.

P2P Lending Portals

Our best FinTech app developers create feature-rich P2P lending portals for transforming how lenders and buyers transact with each other.

Personal FinTech Software

As a financial software development company, we help individual clients manage their FinTech effectively by developing top-notch personal FinTech apps.

Mobile Payments (mPOS)

We enable mobile payments and help clients to leverage their Smartphones for better and secure transactions over their mobile devices.

Our FinTech Software Development Capabilities

We specialize in modern technology, development solutions and strategic consulting for FinTech startups and businesses in the banking and finance industry.

Digitally Advanced

Our experienced developers understand that fintech is the next big thing and help you become market leaders in the financial industry.

Appealing User Experience

We help to deliver an appealing user experience which augments the customer’s interaction with your company over the long-term.

Cloud Computing Environment

We create a cloud computing infrastructure combined with AI and Big Data to help you deliver extraordinary results to your customers.

Process-centric Development

Our team is process-focused and provides maximum transparency during the development process and provides continuous integration.

Experienced Developers

We have a team of expert Fintech developers that act as your IT partners and maintain excellent communication through the entire process.

Maintenance and Support

We provide 24x7 FinTech app development support to ensure that your application is always ready and bug-free to serve your customers.

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Our FinTech App Development Domain Expertise

Our team of experts have expertise in different domains of the FinTech industry. We provide FinTech app ideas and services for everything - from investment to payments.


We offer FinTech software development to build wealth management applications for managing assets and providing financial analytics.


Our team builds custom FinTech solutions for insurance claims processing, underwriting, fraud detection, and policy management services.


We will build a FinTech solution that can facilitate easy loan approvals, customer management, loan documentation, and online KYC.

Personal finance

Our experts develop applications for personal finance that includes features like budget & expense management, automatic payments, and more.


We create high-quality FinTech applications for retail and commercial banking for improving customer service and managing them on a centralized platform.


We are a leading FinTech application development company for creating investment applications for monitoring prices, fluctuations, and improving returns.

Why choose BoTree for FinTech Software Development?

BoTree Technologies is a market leader in FinTech services. We are one of the top FinTech software development companies in India, Singapore, and the US. Clients prefer us because we provide unique FinTech app ideas and build top-notch innovative and secure FinTech applications.

Reduce development time by 25% to 40%

Result-driven FinTech app development

Cross-functional, agile, and innovative teams

24x7 availability to fulfill project requirements

100% customer satisfaction with quality products

FAQs on
FinTech App Development Services

There are multiple types of FinTech applications. We provide FinTech application development for Insurance, banking, wealth management, investment, P2P lending, and more. As a FinTech software development company, we provide complete services for different types of applications depending upon your need.

We have a host of technologies that developers use for building high-quality applications. Our team understands the needs of your FinTech startup and then recommends the best technology. We work with Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Node.js, Angular.js, Laravel, React, and others for developing interactive and dynamic FinTech applications.

The cost of FinTech web & mobile app development depends upon your requirements. Every application has different features. The cost also depends on whether you want a static or a dynamic application. BoTree is a FinTech app development company that offers developers for $2800 per month. The application cost can come around $50,000 - $100,000.

It is based entirely upon the features you want in the application. A static app would take less time while a dynamic application would take a few weeks more. In both cases, development is a continuous process that requires iterations and version releases. It can take anywhere around a few weeks to few months for building the entire application.

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We take pride in building some of the best FinTech solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look -

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