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Top custom application development company for scalable and powerful software applications and digital products. We develop custom applications and enterprise-grade solutions to enable digital transformation and assist enterprises streamline their operations through custom business applications.


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Custom Application Development Company that Assist with Enterprise Digitization

Custom application solutions digitize operations to simplify the workflow and manage activities seamlessly. Bespoke applications are both customer centric and business centric - ensuring that all stakeholders receive the best output from the enterprise. We provide dedicated development teams for custom application development services to maximize return on investment for modern enterprises.

Why Custom App Development Services are Important

Custom business applications enable companies to accomplish specific business objectives and streamline operations through a digital product.

  • Efficiently interact with customers and stakeholders
  • Streamline workflow and manage operations better
  • Digitize activities to ensure productive outcomes
  • Scale enterprise through digitally advanced products
  • Integrate software with business for efficiency

Custom Application Development Services We Offer

We create custom business applications for a wide variety of industries - from automobile to healthcare to finance. Our team offers a diverse set of custom app development services to ensure all your digital product requirements are swiftly met.

Software Application Development

We provide complete customized application development services to ensure that you get the best of digital products. Our team creates custom app solutions to meet today’s needs.

Web Application Development

Our team builds custom web applications to bring your business online and ensure that operations are swiftly digitized. We create web apps that revolutionize enterprises.

Mobile App Development

Our custom application developers create mobile applications to maximize the customer base and ensure that your enterprise stays relevant to the smartphone generation.

UI/UX Development

We have a team of UX/UI designers who create highly intuitive user interfaces that provide a seamless experience. We create the best UI systems that deliver the best results.

App Maintenance

We offer complete app maintenance and support for existing solutions to ensure that your apps stay updated and bug-free. We provide new releases and provide technical support.

Migration & Upgrades

Our team has expertise in migrating solutions to newer platforms, technologies, and frameworks. We offer complete application upgrades and updates for platforms.

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Our Custom Application Development Expertise

Our custom app developers carefully analyse your requirements, build a top-notch application and provide suggestions, meeting your expectations from a mobile or web application. We have dedicated app development teams to fulfill all your requirements.

Custom Application Development

We are a leading custom app development company; we are partners in delivering value to your customers by building feature-rich custom applications. We focus on customization rather than compromisation.

Custom Enterprise Applications

We help you to manage your enterprise better by building & customizing solutions for HRM, CRM, payment systems, etc. Our objective is to help you generate better outcomes from your processes.

Startup Augmentation

We believe every startup has the potential to scale and build custom application development solutions that bring this belief to reality. Our experts create a custom software application development strategy that enables you to easily scale your startup.

eCommerce Development

We build eCommerce applications that reduce business costs and conduct heavy customization of existing applications. Our developers work out each and every detail for e-commerce applications.

Why Hire Custom Application Developers from Us

We are a trusted company in the custom application services market. Our team of 80+ custom app developers have created 200+ solutions for clients in 10+ countries. Our custom software engineers have the potential to create custom application development solutions for companies in pharma, manufacturing, ecommerce, transport providers, and several other industries. Get our custom developers for your next project.

  • Dedicated software engineers with 9+ years of experience.
  • Seamless communication and transparent development process.
  • Custom app developers aligned as per your time zone.
  • Expertise in powerful product and app migration.
  • Rapid product development and quick deployment.
  • 24/7 availability of developers for your project.
  • Workflow management with top project management tools.

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  • 100% on-shore
  • Single flex contract for all developers
  • Remote work in your time zone
BoTree Technologies

Our Custom Application Development Process

At BoTree Technologies, we follow a unique process for custom software that enables our developers to deliver the best software solutions. Our experts follow the best practices and utilize the latest tools to build solutions that give enterprises a competitive edge in their industry.

Requirement Understanding

Our team identifies and verifies your requirements, ideas, and expectations for custom application development services. We outline what type of custom services will benefit your current needs.

Assigning Resources

We assign the software developers that meet your project requirements. From development to migration experts - we have custom developers for everything.

Custom App Development

The custom software team begins working on the application - whether existing or new. We develop the solution through the latest tools and technologies to help enterprises stay relevant.

QA Testing & Release

Once the product is built, our team conducts comprehensive testing and QA to ensure that the application stays error-free and then launches the app version.

Support & Maintenance

One of our biggest strengths is the support and maintenance of software solutions to ensure that it receives regular updates and version upgrades for digital products.

Our Custom App Development Engagement Models

We understand that every client has different needs, and they require complete flexibility. Keeping that in mind, we offer three custom engagement models to hire dedicated custom software developers from us.

Dedicated Resource Engagement

A Dedicated Resource model is a relationship where BoTree will provide resources to you full- time, and you need to pay for them on a monthly basis. Our engineering team will work just for you, and with the highest priority. You can consider the remote software app developers as your in-house team, just sitting in a different office. Hire our custom developers for complete development & IT solutions.

Fixed Pricing Model

A Fixed Price model occurs when you provide detailed project specifications, and BoTree commits to provide developers to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller, highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP), but is not well suited for agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress.

Hourly Pricing Model

This model is suitable for clients who don’t have a clear roadmap about the amount of work. The pricing is determined based on the man-hours required to complete the project, i.e. hourly charging. When the specification of the project, the scope of work and implementation of the project plan cannot be estimated during the initial phase, you can hire top custom software developers based on the hourly model which is the best option for development.

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Custom App Development Case Studies

We take pride in building some of the best technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look.

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Custom application development is the process of engineering and developing applications for enterprises based on their specific requirements. Every custom application is focused on serving the needs of a single enterprise or startup. It is better than off-the-shelf software because custom apps have virtually unlimited modifications and can work in every which way the user wants.

At BoTree, we have 80+ custom application developers who work in different industries and with different clients. They have experience in building products of varied requirements and usability. We also offer a dedicated team of developers for your custom digital product.

Hire our amazing software developers through a simple process of connecting with us and interviewing our developers. Contact us on and talk to our development team directly. Interview the developers who suit your requirements and onboard them for your project within 48 hours.

We offer complete maintenance and support services for your product even after it is launched. For a certain time period, we offer it for free, and only charge a nominal fee after the specified time is over. We also offer support for existing products that require migration.

Generally, the speed of development depends upon the complexity of the product. However, we make sure that our team creates the solutions in the quickest time possible. We never compromise on the quality of the product even though our developers build the solutions at the fastest speed possible.

Any software solution that is developed from scratch by a custom app development services provider is called a custom software. Some examples of customized software include content management systems, ERP systems, CRM portals, business automation software, ecommerce software solutions and all software that fulfill a specific need of any enterprise.

A custom app development company provides tailor made software solutions to meet the specific business needs. It can be to optimize the performance of the enterprise or a customer-centric application that aims to simplify the company’s communication with its customers.

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