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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is now a necessity for organizations stepping onto digital transformation. It is a structured approach to technology that enables machines to imitate human intellect and behaviour. AI solutions provide machines with intelligence that allows them to think and act as humans do.

AI applications receive input from a wide dataset, process that data, and deliver an outcome. This outcome is a prediction that the AI system has made based on historical data. This whole process is also known as machine learning, the best approach to implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Artificial Intelligence helps you in -

Insightful decision-making

Engaging user experience

Forecasting success & failures

Cutting down costs

What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence(AI) for your business?

Intelligent machines have significant advantages over human competence. While they can match human intelligence right now, they can process data in a much better way and provide valuable information for making business decisions. AI applications are a strategic choice to achieve the overall business goal. These are a few benefits of Artificial Intelligence for your business.

Increased Efficiency

AI systems and applications can analyze data and make predictions faster than humans.

24x7 Availability

Intelligent machines are available 24x7 to serve your business and work without any interruption.

Reduce Human Error

Artificial Intelligence solutions reduce human error and increase accuracy in operations.

Intelligent Automation

AI combined with RPA allows automating repetitive tasks and increases business productivity.

Real Time Information

AI solutions provide real-time information and enable you to make quick decisions.

Digital Workforce

You can build a digital workforce and allow employees to focus on more creative tasks.

The Business Benifits of AI

Why does your business need AI applications?

From Netflix to Amazon, every company is using Artificial Intelligence solutions to target their customers. The benefit is that it provides them a deeper insight into their consumer behaviour. On the other hand, they also use AI applications to keep their business relevant with valuable insights. There are countless use cases of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that make it the perfect choice of technology for digital transformation. You can use AI services for data entry, diagnosis and troubleshooting process, transactional management, and much more.

Quick response

Artificial Intelligence utilizes Natural Language Processing to build chatbots that can provide a human-like conversational experience to the users. They can provide quick responses and continue the conversation by adapting from the user’s response.

Fraud detection

By implementing AI systems in transaction management, you can easily detect fraud. Artificial Intelligence(AI) identifies false information by searching the web and uses predefined parameters to quickly identify frauds.

Employee & Vendor sourcing

Artificial Intelligence solutions allow you to source candidates for hiring from a plethora of resumes submitted to you. SImilarly, it can research and identify the best vendor based on your requirements and provide a complete list to you.

Analyze consumer behaviour

AI experts can help you with solutions for analyzing consumer behaviour based on vast amounts of data. Artificial Intelligence(AI) systems scour through this data and identify the patterns and trends in consumer behaviour, allowing you to make more consumer-oriented decisions.

Predictive maintenance

You can use Artificial Intelligence solutions for predictive maintenance of your machines and equipment. AI applications track the equipment performance and alert you when maintenance becomes near. It uses the past performance history to assess the maintenance date.

Recommendation systems

Netflix recommends shows to users through Artificial Intelligence(AI). Amazon recommends products based on AI Machine Learning solutions. You can build a recommendation system for your business and provide a personalized experience to your users.

We scale your business with AI applications

Building AI Environment

AI applications are resource-intensive and require a comprehensive environment for implementation. Our expert AI developers ensure that such infrastructure and environment is available to match your business needs. We deploy cloud-based AI solutions that enable enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities provided by AI. Our AI experts build personal assistants and Artificial Intelligence(AI) software that interpret human behaviour - all under a well-thought AI systems implementation environment.

Customer-centric Development

Artificial Intelligence development is primarily the backend to support the front-end user experience. However, we keep in mind that your customers are the one involved in a transaction with the AI system. Our objective is to multiply business growth through customer-centric Artificial Intelligence development. We help you to increase customer satisfaction and provide a personalized experience to them. Thus, we accelerate business growth with cutting-edge AI solutions to empower your business.

Real-time insights

Artificial Intelligence development is particularly known to provide real-time insights. We help you to make sense of the massive amounts of unstructured data and extract valuable insights from them. Our Artificial Intelligence experts enable you to make better predictions for your business. We integrate AI solutions with your business applications that bring a holistic digital transformation in your enterprise.

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Our AI applications expertise

We have worked with companies to augment their operational efficiency by providing AI solutions that not only complete tasks but provide valuable insights as well.

Chatbot Development

We have built chatbots for customer service, marketing, employee training, assistance for the elderly and self-learning. We have built Skype, Facebook and standalone chatbots supporting multiple languages.

AI Machine Learning Applications

We have experience in building & implementing machine learning cloud services for the HR function of enterprises to improve engagement and retention of high performers.

Predictive & Data Analysis

Our team of artificial intelligence developers help you to handle unstructured data and make sense of patterns that emerge from them. We ensure insights never get lost within datasets.

Enhancing User Experience

Our AI technology solutions are focused on enhancing the user experience so they can interact better with the system. We enable maximum customer satisfaction through AI.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Our AI experts provide all the AI services that you need for digital transformation. We ensure that your business stays on top with intelligent analytics and machines that help you achieve your business goals.

Custom AI applications development

Cloud based AI systems

Image recognition software

AI Chatbot development

Biometrics app development

Business analytics applications

Face detection software

Market prediction AI applications

AI applications technology stack

Server Framework
Retraining & deploymentAmazon Sagemaker
Initial development
Object detection library
Object detection framework
Object detection frameworkFaster-R-CNNYOLO
Image conversion
OCRTesseract OCR
Flask server API calls
Segregate imagesDhash algorithm
Image placementHamming distance

Why choose BoTree for Artificial Intelligence development?

BoTree Technologies is a professional AI Machine Learning company building world-class AI solutions, AI applications, and AI systems. We are preferred by clients all over the world because of our best-in-class client experience.

On-time delivery

Say goodbye to vague deadlines when you hire BoTree for Artificial Intelligence development. We provide on-time delivery of every project we undertake.

24x7 availability

We are available 24x7 to serve all your needs. Whether it’s a minor bug or a product release, we work round the clock for you.

Agile development

We build products using the agile development methodology. Our AI experts provide rapid product development and more time-to-market.

Flexible engagements

We have three different engagement models based on your needs. You can hire on project basis, monthly basis, or an hourly basis.

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We take pride in building some of the best AI machine learning based technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look.

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Frequently asked questions

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to act and think as humans do. It is a technology that allows building machines that can imitate human intellect. On the other hand, Machine Learning is an approach to implementing Artificial Intelligence Solutions. It involves algorithms that enable building models for Artificial Intelligence. You can train these models to predict something based on the historical data fed to it. While AI is the broader term, Machine Learning is a part of it.

Artificial Intelligence development is the future of software development. AI applications are trending because the recent developments in AI have provided breakthroughs for businesses. The image and speech recognition systems have improved, people want voice-based systems, and better personalization. It has led to a steep rise in the demand for AI systems all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence is still an emerging technology. Therefore, it may cost a little higher than regular software applications. But with the advancements in Machine Learning and AI services, you don’t have to worry about the cost of AI applications. The features and usefulness of the application will be enough to justify the cost and you will get a high ROI from AI implementation. Development costs depend on the size of your project and the engagement model you wish to choose for Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

RPA and Artificial Intelligence, both are excellent choices of technology for digital transformation. While RPA is more of a static technology, AI is much more dynamic in terms of operability. If you want to know which one is the best for your business, you can read this article on RPA vs AI and decide for yourself.

We offer three different engagement models for Artificial Intelligence solutions. Our models include fixed pricing models, which involves paying a fixed amount for the entire project. Another one is the monthly pricing model, which allows you to pay for the project on a monthly basis. The last one is the hourly pricing model, which allows you to pay us on an hourly basis and according to the work done for your project.

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