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BoTree Technologies is an top software product engineering company for startups and enterprises, providing digital product engineering services, including development, upgrading, and support. In addition, we offer end-to-end software product development services to help businesses achieve their goals.


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Our Software Product Engineering Services Enable Creation of Innovative Digital Products that Disrupt Markets

With over ten years of experience, BoTree Technologies has impacted over 200 clients worldwide with our agile, scalable, cost-effective digital software product engineering services. Transform your enterprise and lead globally with our end-to-end services, including design, development, and deployment capabilities for startups and enterprises. Don't get left behind in innovation – partner with BoTree Technologies for your digital transformation journey.

The Significance of Product Engineering Services

Product engineering consulting provides a competitive advantage and facilitates digital transformation, helping enterprises stay ahead in their industry.

  • Software solutions to streamline the workflow.
  • Engineer products according to goal specification.
  • Enable digital transformation through digital solutions.
  • Better operations management and coordination.
  • Turn digital products into growth enablers.

Transforming Software Portfolios through our Product Engineering Services

BoTree Technologies' digital engineering team has the experience, resources, and expertise to transform your ideas into marketable products. With our software product engineering solutions and services, we can help your startup or enterprise achieve its digital objectives and develop fantastic software products that meet your needs.

Product Engineering Consulting

We provide complete consulting for new and existing products and offer product engineering advisory on making the right moves to help your product succeed.

Product Development

BoTree Technologies is one of the leading software product engineering companies with expertise in complete product conceptualization, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Custom Enterprise Products

Our team creates custom enterprise products to help companies achieve operational efficiency and simplify their workflow through digital centralization of processes.

Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

Our expertise lies in end-to-end software product engineering solutions for developing rapid prototypes that help you achieve a market advantage and relevant feedback.

Product Re-engineering

Take the assistance of our software product engineering experts to reengineer your existing products, identify the scope of improvements, & implement potential changes.

Product Maintenance

Get complete product maintenance & support services at every stage of the product development lifecycle and ensure that your product is updated regularly.

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Our Product Engineering Solutions

We design solutions that meet today’s enterprise requirements. Our team enables faster digital transformation through solutions that empower organizations to embrace the change. Tntra offers product engineering solutions & services that elevate operational capabilities.

Application Modernization

Upgrade your application with the latest technology, design, user interface, and more with our modernization experts who assist with revolutionizing the existing solution.

Design Engineering

Get world-class UI/UX for your digital products and maximize the customer experience. We design a highly intuitive UI that ensures seamless flow throughout the application.

Infrastructure Management

From on-premise server installation to cloud servers, we provide complete infrastructure management services to ensure minimum downtime and unified workflow.

Cloud Migration

Bring your enterprise-level cloud strategy to reality with our cloud migration experts who provide scalable cloud deployment solutions for new and existing applications.

Software Outsourcing

We provide custom and enterprise software outsourcing to assist you with team augmentation and ensure your in-house expertise remains top-notch.

Lifecycle Management

Our team provides complete product development lifecycle management solutions to integrate data, optimize processes, and support the application throughout.

Advantages of Using Cutting-edge Product Engineering Software for Your Business

With software engineering services, a business can modernize its product portfolio according to the latest consumer trends and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Better the Productivity

Software product development helps to attain a high degree of automation in business operations which leads to improved productivity and efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Product engineering consulting leads to the upgradation of the portfolio without modifying the core engineering team.

Find New Opportunities

A successful product engineering process helps the businesses to keep pace with evolving market needs. It helps to tap into new trends and technologies which opens up new market opportunities.

Faster Time-To-Market

Software engineers assist in quick deployment of the products with new features and functionalities to the market. The agility and speed helps to become market leaders.

Why Hire Software Product Engineers from BoTree Technologies?

With over 100+ experts and 10+ years of experience, BoTree Technologies is a trusted leader in the product engineering services market. We've engineered 200+ solutions for clients across various industries and in 10+ countries. Our team has the capabilities to create digital products and solutions for businesses in pharma, manufacturing, ecommerce, transport providers, and more. Contact us to learn more about how our product engineers can help with your next project.

  • Dedicated product engineers with 9+ years of experience.
  • Seamless communication and transparent development process.
  • Product engineers aligned as per your time zone.
  • Expertise in powerful product and app migration.
  • Rapid product development and quick deployment.
  • 24/7 availability of developers for your project.
  • Workflow management with top project management tools.

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  • 100% on-shore
  • Single flex contract for all developers
  • Remote work in your time zone
BoTree Technologies

BoTree Technologies Product Engineering Process

At BoTree Technologies, we follow a comprehensive process for product engineering that enables our engineers to deliver the best products and solutions. Our team follows the best practices and utilizes the latest tools to provide product sustenance engineering.

Discovery Phase

Our software engineers understand your requirements, ideas, and expectations for product engineering services. We identify what type of engineering will benefit your current needs.

Allocating Resources

We deploy the product engineers that meet your project requirements. From development to migration experts - we have engineers for everything.

Application Engineering

The team starts working on the product - whether existing or new. We provide digital engineering solutions through the latest tools and technologies to help you stay relevant.

QA Testing & Launch

Once the product is engineered, our team conducts the complete testing and QA to ensure that the solution stays bug-free and finally releases the version.

Maintenance & Support

One of our biggest strengths is the maintenance and support of products to ensure that it receives regular updates and version upgrades for digital relevancy.

Our Product Engineering Engagement Models

We understand that every client has different needs, and they require complete flexibility. Keeping that in mind, we offer three custom engagement models to hire dedicated product engineers from us for all your software product modernization requirements.

Dedicated Resource Engagement

A Dedicated Resource model is a relationship where BoTree will provide resources to you full- time, and you need to pay for them on a monthly basis. Our engineering team will work just for you, and with the highest priority. You can consider the remote logistics app developers as your in-house team, just sitting in a different office. Hire our product developers for complete development & IT solutions.

Fixed Pricing Model

A Fixed Price model occurs when you provide detailed project specifications, and BoTree commits to provide developers to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller, highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP), but is not well suited for agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress.

Hourly Pricing Model

This model is suitable for clients who don’t have a clear roadmap about the amount of work. The pricing is determined based on the man-hours required to complete the project, i.e. hourly charging. When the specification of the project, the scope of work and implementation of the project plan cannot be estimated during the initial phase, you can hire top product engineers based on the hourly model which is the best option for development.

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We offer a dedicated team of product engineers to work on your various engineering requirements. From new product development to migration, we provide a team that can work on all the aspects of the product.

Product engineering comprises a detailed process from ideation to support services. However, software development is a part of product engineering, which involves coding and creating the software with the help of an engineering team.

At BoTree Technologies, we have a team of expert product engineers who provide a diverse range of services. The process to hire them is simple - just connect with us through our website or send an email to

Yes, our support and maintenance services work even after the application is launched for general use. We offer support for a nominal fee after a specified timeframe to ensure that your solution faces no future challenges.

We enable rapid digital transformation through efficient digital solutions. The time taken to build them depends upon the complexity of the project. However, we ensure that every product release we make is delivered before the deadline set by our clients.
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