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We take pride in building some of the best technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look at some of our creations!

We build mobile apps for solving complex business problems

Our mobile app developers develop result-driven enterprise and consumer-focused mobile applications. We simplify the development process by following the agile development methodology. We have over 8+ years of experience as a mobile app development company. Our focus is to build mobile solutions that can alleviate complex business problems and elevate enterprise performance.

Achieve your profitability goals with mobile app development

Increase Brand Exposure

With a mobile application, you can reach more number of customers and target a global audience. We build iOS and Android apps to maximize your brand exposure.

Build Engagement and Loyalty

Mobile application development will increase your brand engagement as your users can access your services at the tap of a thumb, developing essential customer loyalty.

Increase organization efficiency

With an enterprise-focused mobile application, you can increase your organizational efficiency through better team collaboration and improved task management through dashboards.

Native, Cross-platform, And AI Mobile App Development Services

Android Native
Application Development

We develop cutting-edge Android native applications to help you reach customers on the most used mobile operating system. Our android mobile app developers provide a native feel which captivates your users and gives them a smooth experience. We use Android SDK, NDK code, simplified libraries, and reusable code for high-performing android native apps.

iOS Native
Application Development

Our mobile application development team develops sophisticated iOS applications to reach a high-end mobile user market. We used SWIFT, Xcode, iPhone SDK, and cloud computing to build powerful and user-oriented applications. Our iOS mobile app developers combine the native features of the iPhone to give your users the best possible mobile experience.

Application Development

We develop cross-platform mobile applications to help you target users on both Android and iOS. The good thing - we use React Native to build cross-platform applications, enabling you to give the users a native OS feel. React Native allows us to use a single code for building applications on both platforms, thereby, saving you both time and money.

Mobile application development strategy for organizational success

At BoTree, developing a mobile application starts with a comprehensive mobile app development strategy. The strategy provides a complete understanding of the requirements and focuses on making the mobile application convenient, adaptable, and accessible to all users. Our mobile app developers follow the four core principles outlined in the strategy to deliver powerful mobile apps.

User experience

With mobile screens varying in dimensions, it is essential to visualize the user experience for different screens. We outline a brilliant user experience by identifying the different screen requirements.


One of the core strategies is to keep the mobile app as simple as possible. It enables the user to easily navigate through different elements without compromising with the user experience.

Security & data protection

Our team of mobile app developers lay major emphasis on security during the mobile app development process. We ensure that the highest level of data protection is integrated for securing the application.

App platform

We want to ensure that your applications target the most users on every platform. We build a cross-platform application with native capabilities through React Native and other technologies.

Our mobile development technologies

At BoTree Technologies, we work with the best web application development technology stack. Over the years, we have developed our expertise in these technologies and built some powerful web applications.


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Mobile App Development Process At BoTree

Our mobile app development team follows a systematic, transparent, and agile mobile app development process. We continuously iterate the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and add value to the mobile applications for smooth user experience.

Requirement Session

We conduct a requirement gathering session in which we acquire all the details about mobile application development for your idea. Our mobile app development team acquires every detail of your idea so that the application is perfected. We accumulate all the data which will enable us to form creative ideas during development.

Research & Planning

Once we have your requirements, our team conducts thorough research to check the feasibility of the application, technical architecture, resource requirements, and UI/UX considerations. Our mobile app developers lay out the plan for building the applications. They map everything that would be needed and the approach to mobile app development for your idea.


We build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the quickest time and help you get feedback on your prototype. As you progress, we add or remove functionalities based on the performance of the MVP. Our mobile app development team is well-versed in making quick modifications. Once this is done, we move on to the final stage.

Testing & release

Our mobile app development services are known for rigorous testing and checking of the application. We have developers & QA who collaborate to identify errors in the code or the UI/UX. At every step, we fine-tune the application and provide you with a better product. After the mobile application passes the final test, we release it for consumer/enterprise use.

24x7 assistance

Our work is not over after development and release. We provide 24x7 support & maintenance for your application in case it runs into deployment error. Our mobile app developers also provide regular updates and new releases based on the functionalities that users like the most. You can extend your support after the contract for a nominal price.

Why choose BoTree for mobile application development?

We have provided mobile application development services to 180+ clients in over 10 countries. Our mobile app development is trusted by leading companies. We are mobile technology partners for applications in industries like Ecommerce, FinTech, Healthcare and many more.

Agile Development Methodology

BoTree’s entire mobile app development team follows the agile development methodology. It reduces the MVP development time by 25% and gives you more time-to-market the product.

Experienced and Huge Team

We have an experienced team of mobile app developers with over 10 years of industry experience. Also, we have nearly 30 mobile app developers, ready to fulfil your mobile app requirements in any way possible.

Responsive & Communicative

Our team doesn’t shy away from communicating with you. We provide quick responses to your queries and are always available to listen to your ideas. On top of that, our team provides ideas of their own.

Diverse Expertise

BoTree’s mobile app development team has built applications for Ecommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Social Networking, Logistics, Entertainment, Logistics, Real Estate, and a lot of other industries.

Frequently asked questions on Mobile App Development

It depends on your mobile app development requirements. Native apps are limited to one platform, either Android or iOS. Even though they provide a good look and feel and interact with the native components, it allows you to create apps for a single platform. Cross-platform mobile application development is focused on building mobile applications for both platforms to reach a larger audience. We have mobile app developers who are experts in both native and cross-platform mobile app development. We use react-native to create a single codebase and utilize it for both Android and iOS.

BoTree Technologies is a professional mobile app development company. Our team of 70+ developers have created some of the most feature-rich mobile applications. Our mobile app developers have created apps with features like payment gateway integration, real-time geo tracking, live chat support, instant messaging, multi-language support, push notifications, social media integration, and many more. We have a team of developers who understand the powerful nature of mobile application development and develop features that are sure to improve the user experience. Our developers ensure that your app is not loaded with unnecessary features and does the work it is supposed to do.

We provide complete support and maintenance for your mobile app development project. Our team is communicative and responsive, providing quick support for your every requirement. The maintenance after project completion is for the period mentioned in the contract. However, you can extend the support period for your project and get more assistance with upgrades and version releases. We have a team of mobile app developers who provide continuous support and maintenance for your mobile apps if you choose so.

We have different engagement models for your mobile application development requirement. You can have your dedicated mobile app developers when you choose the dedicated resource engagement model. With this, you get access to BoTree’s in-house resources, and the mobile app developer’s team works as your in-house IT team. We act as your IT partner and provide complete consulting through dedicated resources. You can also opt for the fixed pricing and hourly pricing model, wherein you can pay according to the work done for your project.

With BoTree, the first step is really simple. You can get in touch with our Technical Advisor who will guide you through the entire process of mobile app development. The advisor shall understand your requirements and connect you with the right team members who can work on your mobile application project. Our technical advisor provides constant guidance to you during the process, and you can get a consultation on every single issue you have related to your project. The technical advisor works solely to ensure that you get proper assistance with the process and workflow whenever you need it.

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