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Web Application Development Company for Enterprise Modernization

Web applications are the first step to enterprise modernization. They digitize operations and make the enterprise accessible. BoTree Technologies is a trusted web application development company with 100+ web app developers in the US and India to digitize and modernize the enterprise. We work with the latest technologies like cloud native, IoT, AI & ML, and more to provide seamless integration for enterprise modernization.

From startups to Fortune500 companies, we have served enterprises of all shapes and sizes. We offer web application development services to engineer innovative web-based solutions and re-engineer existing ones. Whether it’s a high-quality UI/UX or complete restructuring of the application - we offer everything for the web.

Scalability & Flexibility

Highly scalable custom web apps that provide enterprises with maximum flexibility and the capability to handle multiple requests at once.

High Performance

Agile and DevOps to deliver a high performance web app by creating an error-free development environment and adopting the best approach to development.

Secure Applications

Complete security and safety by following the latest data protection policies, benchmarks, and regulation standards to ensure the application is risk-free.

Web Application Development Services

BoTree has 10+years of experience in building powerful web applications. Our web app development experts understand the impact of a good web application and design engaging user experience. We provide complete transparency and flexibility to you in the development process. Our focus is to provide web app development services that fulfill your profitability objectives.

Website Development

Our professional website developers build static, dynamic, and single page sites to build a positive digital image of your organization. We make responsive websites that are easily accessible on Smartphones.

Custom Web Development

We tailor web applications and business solutions that are specific to your needs. Our web development services provide functionalities that make you stand out in the industry.

eCommerce App Development

We provide custom ecommerce app development services for building powerful, feature-rich ecommerce web applications. Our ecommerce expertise includes Shopify, BigCommerce, SpreeCommerce & Magneto.

CMS Web Development

BoTree's web application developers provide a complete range of CMS development solutions to build an efficient CMS and portal for your enterprise. Our developers build highly-functional CMS systems.

Enterprise web App Development

Our focus is to augment enterprises by offering web application services that help them sustain in the dynamics of their industry. We build feature-rich enterprise apps that elevate your operations.

Support & Maintenance

We provide support & maintenance services for your existing web applications. Our team can work as your support partner to manage the entire web app development services & platform and make valuable additions.

Featured Apps

We take pride in building the best web solutions to make our clients successful. Have a look at some of our creations !

Our Technology Stack

At BoTree Technologies, we work with the best web application development technology stack. Over the years, we have developed our expertise in these technologies and built some powerful web applications.


Our Web Application Development Process

BoTree Technologies is an expert web application development services company with 100+ web app developers who follow the best web practices and processes. We have a comprehensive understanding of what to do and how to do it.

Understanding your needs

  • Understanding requirements through a comprehensive questionnaire.
  • Fill in as many details as you want and as rough as you want.
  • Gathering a complete idea about your requirements.

Planning & Design

  • Deep research about your industry, competitors, and existing products.
  • Building executable plans based on the research.
  • Designing a project plan along with the features & outcomes of the project.

Development & Implementation

  • Get complete control over the development process.
  • Responsive & quick communication from the team.
  • Agile development methodology to build quick products.

Testing & Deployment

  • Rigorous testing to ensure minimal bugs in your project.
  • Analyze each and every feature with the utmost detailing.
  • Deploy and launch the product with complete training documentation.

24x7 Support

  • Providing 24x7 support & maintenance for your web development projects.
  • Ensuring smooth operations and uninterrupted performance.
  • Regular updates & new releases.

Build a Powerful Web Application for my Enterprise

Why Choose BoTree for Web Application Development?

Affordable Development

Our custom web application development services are affordable and we don’t put a hole in your pocket. We save you tons of money on web application development without compromising on product quality.

Agile Methodology

Top web app development company, we follow the agile methodology of web development. It allows us to deliver rapid prototypes and gives you complete control over the development process.

Flexible Hiring

We have three different hiring plans for your project. You can hire a web development developer full-time as your technology partner or pay on an hourly basis according to the work you want to get done.

Available 24x7

Yes - we work according to your timezone as well. Our web development teams are available 24x7 and at your convenience to assist you with every requirement you have.

Project Management

We use the best project management tools to deliver projects within your deadline. Our web developers work with Jira, Basecamp, Github, and several world-class tools.

Diverse Experience

Our web development team has built applications in a wide variety of industries. We have experience in web consulting for eCommerce, Healthcare, FinTech, Social Media, Insurance, Travel, Logistics, and many more.

Our Industry Expertise

Our professional web app developers have served clients in over 10+ industries and continue to add value to new avenues every day. We deliver value to a diverse set of sectors from all over the world.

Frequently asked questions on Web Application Development

We provide complete custom web application development to match your requirements. Our web applications experts understand what you need and provide a design that suits your expectations. We provide web development services with responsive design and scalability. With our custom web development solutions, you can be assured that each and every element is designed and developed keeping your users in mind. Our custom web development professionals use the latest technologies like react native, node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, to build feature-rich custom applications with quick turnaround time and at an affordable cost.

The cost of developing web applications in terms of money and cost depends entirely on the complexity of your requirements. On average, it takes somewhere around 12-24 weeks for building a fully-functional prototype. Our web application services provide you with more time-to-market for the product. Hire web design and development experts from us through the three engagement models that we offer, which give you affordable web applications within no time.

BoTree Technologies is a professional web development agency which provides continuous support and maintenance for your web applications. Throughout the project, our web development team communicates with you to provide complete support for the project. Once the project is complete, we maintain your application and update with new releases and versions until the time mentioned in the contract. Don’t worry - you can add the time in the contract and hire custom web development experts from us for continuous support and maintenance even after the project is complete.

The cost of developing web applications in terms of money and cost depends entirely on the complexity of your requirements. On average, it takes somewhere around 12-24 weeks for building a fully-functional prototype. Our web application services provide you with more time-to-market for the product. Hire web design and development experts from us through the three engagement models that we offer, which give you affordable web applications within no time.

Absolutely. We provide dedicated web developers who can build feature-rich web applications and meet your requirements. We have three engagement models, one of which is the dedicated resource hiring model. With his model, you get a team of custom web development experts who work as your in-house IT team and provide you complete assistance with your project. We also have a fixed pricing model and an hourly pricing model, where you can hire developers based on the amount of work needed to be done. Whichever model you choose - we assure you of high-quality web applications without any compromise.

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