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Best Healthcare App Development Company for Medical Professionals

Whether you are a doctor or healthcare facility, we provide tailored applications for every medical professional. Our team builds healthcare software solutions and services that focus on delivering better outcomes to patients or reducing the burden of administrative staff.

Apps for Doctors

We provide healthcare application development for clinicians to ensure swift communication with their patients.

Apps for Facilities

Our healthcare app developers build dynamic apps for facilities to manage patients and administrative activities at hospitals.

Apps for Caregivers

We develop high-quality apps to track the attendance and caregiving outcomes of caregivers and ensure patients receive them.

Our Healthcare App Development Services

We constantly strive to help healthcare professionals improve their service delivery outcomes through established methods and process of app development.

Healthcare Web Development

Custom healthcare software development for medical professionals and institutions including virtual healthcare websites and portals.

Health Applications

We enable healthcare mobility by developing mHealth apps that help patients and professionals to monitor health on-the-go.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Our healthcare app development services comprise of Data migration, enhanced security and data protection, and continuous monitoring of data.

Institutional Healthcare Services

Healthcare IT solutions to better manage the workflow at medical institutes along with remote monitoring and consultation service options.

Custom Healthcare App Development Solutions

BoTree offers a host of healthcare mobility solutions and web applications. We follow the latest trends and ensure that healthcare facilities deliver on patient requirements. Our team provides custom healthcare software development for everything.

Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Feature-rich mobile applications with payment gateways, EHR synching, online consultation, and communication capabilities.

EHR Systems

Dynamic Electronic Health Record systems to help healthcare facilities maintain valuable data and access it through cloud technology.

Scheduling Apps

Appointment booking and scheduling apps that enable patients to book an appointment online according to the availability of the doctor.

Medical Insurance Apps

Connect applications for patients and healthcare companies to manage insurance claims online and process them faster.

Medical Chatbots

Responsive and AI-based medical chatbots that act as personal assistants to patients and doctors for real-time information.

Connected Applications

Complete digital software solutions for wearable devices and IoT to ensure that systems stay connected throughout.

Healthcare Applications that Match Compliance Standards

We provide healthcare mobility solutions that comply with all the industry standards and regulations. Our product engineering team builds apps that match international compliance policies.

HIPAA Compliant Apps

We build HIPAA-friendly and compliant applications. Our team ensures that all the data is stored securely and protected by the most advanced technology. We provide complete confidentiality of information in the app.

FDA Compliant Apps

We provide healthcare application development services in accordance with FDA rules & regulations. Our team builds dynamic web and mobile FDA compliant apps that seamlessly connect doctors with patients.

HITECH Passed Apps

We follow all the rules & protocols developed by HITECH to ensure complete security and safety of web applications and the data shared. We ensure that our apps pass the HITECH standards for data protection.


We develop high-quality apps that adhere to all the data storage, recording, and management rules of GDPR. Our team provides the extra layer of data protection that GDPR demands and gives complete control over privacy.

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Our Healthcare App Development Technologies

Our healthcare app developers use the latest and most advanced technologies for healthcare mobile app development services and web applications.

Technologies We Use

How do we make you lead? By working with the latest tools and technologies in the industry.

Our Healthcare Software Development Capabilities

Our team of expert healthcare app developers simplify operations for medical professionals by developing solutions that are safe, secure, and flexible.

User-centric Application

As a healthcare app development company, we build applications that assist patients to better organize their health and get the required support.

Smoother Experience

We enable direct interaction and coordination to provide a smoother experience and facilitate better exchange between patients and professionals.

Complete Security

Our developers ensure 100% safety of patient’s data and build applications with top-most security to protect that data.

Cross-platform Development

Our healthcare app development services utilize cross-platform development to serve users on both Android and iOS for a better experience.

Optimized workflow

We have processes that are clear, transparent and optimized to deliver solutions within your desired timeframe and under your budget.

Support & Maintenance

We provide 24x7 support and maintenance of your healthcare application to ensure that no discrepancy occurs in care delivery to your users.

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Healthcare Applications Services

Today, most healthcare professionals are going digital. Mobile healthcare solutions ensure that doctors are connected with their patients. They can get access to health records through the cloud and check patient history. Medical app development simplifies the management of healthcare facilities and leads to better patient outcomes.

The healthcare mobile app trends showcase that there is a high need for sensitive data protection. HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH compliance ensure that the applications will not misuse the data in any way. It provides complete data security to patients and doctors.

The cost of mhealth applications depends upon the requirements and type of application you need. Whether you need an app for your clinic or to maintain a hospital, the cost will vary as both the professionals will have different feature requirements. However, dedicated healthcare app developers are available for $4,000 to $5,000 per month for all projects.

The biggest challenge in developing healthcare applications is compliance with international standards. Since there is sensitive patient data, the application must match the global rules & regulations. Another challenge is identifying the usage of mobile healthcare solutions. If there’s a small customer base, you are probably better with a basic application.

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Improving the quality of healthcare is one of the most critical and challenging tasks of the 21st century. We constantly strive for improvements which require changing the established thought process and methods. BoTree closely works with various businesses in the healthcare domain across the globe. We have helped our clients innovate and improve upon the existing processes, increase efficiency and accuracy.

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