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The name BoTree comes from Bodhi Tree. The Bodhi Tree also known as Bo was a large and very old sacred fig tree (Ficus religiosa) located in Bodh Gaya, under which Siddhartha Gautama, the spiritual teacher who later became known as the Buddha, is said to have attained enlightenment.

The BoTree Way

The BoTree way is paved by the philosophy of a strong sense of ownership, constant improvement, and transparency.

It is sacrificing the short term gratification in favour of a lasting success.

Clients have put faith in our capability and trust us as their technology partners and advisors. We are committed to fulfil the promises we make with no compromise in quality.


To pour a decade of experience into designing matchless product engineering services through unique Canvas to Cloud methodology for global clients looking for high quality software development services. With us, you get flawless software products at desired time and within your budget!

The Journey

BoTree Technologies was founded in 2013 by three techno-savvy friends with a focus on providing the 'Canvas to Cloud' service through their expertise in the software technologies.

Since our beginning we have steadily grown along with our clients. Our clients include humble startups of 2 partners to technology companies with 500+ employees across offices in major countries.

From a start up company of 3 partners working together, BoTree has grown to be 60+ full time employees in 3 years.

We are aiming to give our clients 'best of both the worlds' experience. The company's US presence and associations give the clients the confidence and trust about the understanding the western work culture of a developed nation, while the presence in India can assure the clients the cost benefits of engaging with us.

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