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Run-time development environment for server-side and networking applications.


Node.js Development Services

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  • API Development
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  • Product maintenance
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We are a Leading Node.js Development Services Provider Building Highly-Functional Applications

Hire Node.js developers that help you build scalable business applications. We help you to capitalize on the potential of this event-driven framework and develop solutions to complex business problems. Out team of Node.js experts is process-oriented and delivers high-performing web applications.

Highly Scalable

Node.js can handle heavy traffic load with its event-driven single threaded framework that improves the scalability & augments the performance of applications.

Client-Server Integration

The application can be coded simultaneously for both client & the server making transportation of data simpler & provides automatic updates.

NPM Library

With more than 60000 dynamic modules in the Node Package Manager and a growing Node.js development community, the dependency management is next to perfect.

Custom Node.js Development Services to Build Scalable Web Applications

Whatever you’re looking for, hire Node.js developers from us and get it made!

Node.js API Development & Integration

Custom Node.js CMS Development

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Node.js Plugin Development

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Node.js Support & Maintenance

Get Everything you Need in a Feature-Rich Node.JS Application

Interactive Applications

Some of the most popular streaming & social platform applications run in the node.js development environment.

Netflix, the world's largest online video content provider, has enhanced the performance of its app & reduced the application load time by 70% using Node.js. The whole interface is based on node that which provides a swift & smooth experience to the user.

LinkedIn, the largest professional network has implemented Node.js in the mobile backend of their application. This has provided a scalable framework to the social platform for handling heavy load and has cut down the number of servers from 15 to 4. The application has witnessed almost 10 times faster load time with node and has tremendously reduced their resources.

Transactional Applications

Our team of node.js developers have the capability to build strong server-side applications with non-blocking I/O models & cross-platform integration.

PayPal, the online payment platform, has over 227 million users with over 7.6 billion transactions. When they switched to node.js for web development, the application was built two times faster than their earlier Java based alternative. There were 33% fewer lines of code written and the page loading speed increased by 200ms.

E-bay, the multinational consumer-to-consumer e-commerce company, has utilized node.js framework in their front-end web stack and a myriad of their web flows have been structured by node. This provided a tremendous real-time capability which was a major factor in the success of e-bay.

BoTree Technologies is a Professional Node.js Web Development Company with 50+ Clients

If your business needs highly-scalable applications, Node.js is the right technology stack for you. We build real-time applications that work with IoT and cloud stacks. Strengthen your backend with Node.js app development so that your customers have a delightful experience at the frontend.

Robust Business Solutions

Node.js for web development, combined with Angular and React JS, we build a feature-rich and robust business application to maximize your revenue.

Reduced Development Cost

Custom Node.js development services reduce development cost twofold as it enables building highly-scalable apps without using a lot of resources.

Real-time Applications

As it enables two-way communication between client and server, Node.js development is the basis for building real-time applications.

Plethora of Libraries

Node.js comprises of a wide variety of libraries which makes development easier and allows reusing the code.

Secure Applications

Building a secure and stable application becomes simpler with Node.js for web development and the architecture is highly relied on by developers.

Scalable Applications

We develop applications using Node.Js development that are capable of handling heavy traffic as your customers increase.

Ready to suceed with an application built on NodeJs?

Hire Node.js Developers from Us and Build Applications to Beat Your Competition

Our experienced Node.js developers are skilled, dedicated, and proficient in delivering applications that augment business performance. We have helped businesses succeed in several industries with our Node.js development services.

Case Studies

We take pride in building some of the best technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look.

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Frequently asked questions on Node.js Development Services

Node.js developers build real-time and scalable applications. The main advantage of Node.js development services is that it enables writing both the frontend and backend using a single programming language - Javascript. The Google V8 engine that powers Node.js provides rapid application development and provides you more time-to-market for your product. It is a heavy I/O driven platform which enables multiple connection requests and serves them in real time. With Node.js development, your application will load two to four times faster than other applications.

Node.js is popularly used for building real-time systems and heavy I/O based applications. We have expert Node.js developers who can build applications for FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, E-commerce, Entertainment, and several other industries. We are a professional Node.js development company that has built various types of applications for clients across the globe. We have built applications for travel insurance, online table reservation, and monitoring utilities.

We as an expert Node.js development company provide three different engagement models for you to choose from. When you choose the Dedicated Resource Engagement model, you get a dedicated team of Node.js developers who work solely on your project. They provide complete support and full-time development services for your project. We also have a Fixed Pricing Model and an Hourly Pricing Model, where you pay for the amount of work done on the project.

Node.js is a server-side framework which might not be really feasible for heavy computations and algorithms involved in machine learning apps. Our Node.js developers can build a feature-rich web app which has an event-driven nature. For machine learning apps, we have Python and Django developers who are experts in building AI-based applications for clients all over the world. We have built sentiment analysis apps, facial recognition apps, and other projects through our machine learning development capabilities. You can check it out here.

We understand your concern, and that's why we assign your project to the most skilled and qualified RoR developer for you after careful selection. You can talk to our team leads and get a thorough understanding of the team they are working with. We also introduce you to the entire team that we will align to your project so you can be assured that only professionals are going to do the job. We have experienced developers who have built some top-notch applications. Their work speaks for their experience and we only align the best developers who can effectively fulfill your requirements.

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