IT Staff Augmentation

Highly skilled, qualified, experienced resources for IT, product engineering, networking, cloud & DevOps


Staff Augmentation Services

  • App Architects
  • Product Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • UI/UX Developer
  • DevOps Developer
  • Network Administrator
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Staff Augmentation with BoTree Technologies

Staff augmentation services enable you to build your in-house IT team without spending a fortune on hiring developers. With staff augmentation, you can get on-demand access to skills and expertise for different IT projects. BoTree Technologies provides talented resources to strengthen your core team and responsibility to complete your IT projects.

Wider Talent Pool

With us, you get access to a wide pool of talent. We have a diverse set of developers, architects, analysts, network engineers, and quality analysts for complete project allocation.

Risk & Cost Minimization

IT staff augmentation allows you to minimize the risk and costs involved in hiring an in-house team directly with your limited resources. We ensure affordable prices and IT excellence.

Qualified Resources

BoTree Technologies has a strong team of 70+ experts. We have professionals with 10+ years of experience in enabling enterprises to achieve their profitability goals.

IT Staff Augmentation from BoTree Technologies for enterprise transformation

Our skilled resources solve business challenges and meet the project requirements with complete ownership and control. You get Technical, Strategic, and Economic benefits necessary to scale your enterprise and expand its operations.

Technical Benefits
  1. Access to a team experience in diverse technologies and domains along with an effective product development mindset.
  2. Access to a team that follows best practices, productive hacks, and implements proven processes to streamline development.
Strategic Benefits
  1. Enable enterprises to focus on other important things like funding, marketing, operations, while we take ownership of the product development process.
  2. No lack of technical skills and the work is continuously in the pipeline, allowing enterprises to get more time-to-market the product and find investors.
  1. Enterprises get access to a large team with experienced members with the same amount of money and resources they would spend on hiring a team.
  2. Working around the clock on developing your enterprise capabilities, enabling you to achieve more in less time and costs.

IT Staff Augmentation Process to Simplify Resource Hiring

Get staff augmentation services from BoTree Technologies and hire the best resources to augment your enterprise’s capabilities. Our process is simple and error-proof, allowing to hire only the most qualified candidates for your enterprise.


Requirement Identification

Identify the number of resources you need, determine their skills, qualifications, years of experience, and what you expect them to accomplish for your enterprise.


Review Requirements

After identifying what resource you need, the next step is to review the candidates from our pool of resources. You can conduct interviews to better know the resources.


Candidate Hiring

The next step is to hire the right candidate who have passed the tests and are qualified to work on the project. We provide complete onboarding support.


Resource Integration

After you have hired the right candidates, we also assist you in integrating the team with your enterprise. We conduct orientation sessions for project integration.


Ongoing Assistance

BoTree Technologies provides ongoing support to your enterprise by continuous training of employees. We also provide extra resources, if you need them.

Engagement Models

Are you resource limited? Don't worry, we have three different engagement models that leverage IT capabilities and leverage deep expertise to help you capitalize on your idea. Select the one that best serves your purpose.

Model I

Bridge Booster

You are looking for someone to fill in a position in your team and it is taking longer than anticipated. This is affecting work and delaying your release schedules. We help you pick the right person from our team to fill the gap. Our team member steps out as soon you find the right person.

Model II

Short Booster

You engage a Booster Team which helps you reach a point where you would like to hire your own team. The Booster Team gradually transfers the knowledge to the incoming team and moves out. Such engagements are typically 6 - 9 months.

Model III

Sustained Booster

You engage a Booster Team and at a point in time you start hiring your own team. Your team now consists of an onsite and an offshore team. The constitution of the onsite - offshore team can be in a 20 - 80 ratio helping you manage costs and scale easily.

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