We offer Canvas To Cloud services for product and service development. We help companies start building their application from scratch, deploying to cloud to supporting and maintaining the application.

Our team is well versed with and follows multiple software development methodologies and project management practices to suit the client's needs. We follow a number of Agile practices including Agile Modelling, Pair Programming, Scrum Events, Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Continuous Integration.

We have institutionalised the practice of delivering quality and all our processes are centred around delivering quality. We have extensive in-house training programs to help our team develop technical and non-technical skills. All the training programs have an underlying tone of improving customer service. Each member of our team possesses the most critical skill for customer service, listening.

New Product Development

In business and engineering, new product development (NPD) is the complete process of bringing a new product to market. New product development is described in the literature as the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale and it can be tangible (that is, something physical you can touch) or intangible (like a service, experience, or belief). - Wikipedia.

BoTree Technologies offers a comprehensive range of product development services for new concepts and re-engineering of existing products. Our Canvas to Cloud methodology helps us deliver amazing results which have delighted all our customers till date.

Product development requires the team to go beyond technology and understand the problem the product solves and the associated business opportunity. The team has to align their thought process with the business requirements, gauge the impact of each change / feature and provide constant feedback to the product owners.

Detailing of all releases ensures that we hit the market as planned and are also prepared for contingencies.

The founding team of BoTree has a very strong background in New Product Development and we understand the importance of intellectual property rights.

Application Migration

BoTree's global delivery model helps its clients with application modernization and migration services to address problems associated with legacy applications. We follow a metrics-based approach for the migration process while assessing the existing infrastructure, re-engineering the systems, migrating data, remediating issues and integrating enterprise apps with new systems.

BoTree delivers migration and upgrade services that make the systems more efficient and effective

  • Enhanced flexibility with existing systems
  • Mitigation of risks during the transition
  • Minimized disruption of regular operations
  • Lower costs in migration and modernization

Clients rely on the company's services for gaining low-risk transformation and the freedom to concentrate on core initiatives.

Support and Maintenance

The complexity involved with maintaining applications is huge and it is immensely difficult to predict the business outcome at any given point of time. There are constant challenges to maintain the existing IT infrastructure, applications and sites, and reduce the overall costs.

This is where BoTree Technologies can help. We help our clients with competent application maintenance and consistent enhancements to boost the ROI involved. Our actions have helped multiple clients to save their discretionary funds and focus on several transformational projects and activities.

  • BoTree is well-known for its application support capability and has provided unique and innovative solutions for maintenance of legacy applications built on Ruby on Rails.
  • By providing predictable, scalable, flexible and cost effective maintenance and support services, the company has made quite an impression with its adept team of developers, engineers and testers.
  • What's more, BoTree has made sure that with subtle as well as practical enhancements to existing applications, clients do not have to invest in migration of application to a new platform or even develop a new application from scratch.
  • Our enhancements are aligned with current industry standards and we strive to provide post implementation support to a wide range of applications.

Mobile App Development

BoTree Technologies has managed to carve a distinct identity in the field of Mobile App Development.

We have built innovative iOS apps leveraging technologies like Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and Interface Builder.

Our efficient Android app development team is quite adept in leveraging the Android SDK and APIs in building apps that are foresighted in view of present trends.

We also go out of our way to understand what you need and then deliver solutions based on our client's business challenges.

We have built enterprise apps integrating them with existing ERP or CRM systems, developed auction bidding apps, optimized mobile commerce and even helped several companies to connect with customers leading to more profitability.

We make sure that your apps are designed impeccably without compromising usability.