Full stack development is the new rage amongst enterprises trying to save on their development cost. But is it just that – a way to reduce the expenditure on getting a web application?

More than that, full-stack web development is increasingly becoming the most in-demand skill in IT companies. From Google to Facebook, everyone wants a full stack developer.

Is all this rage about full-stack web development worth it or even justified? Turns out – Yes. The web development market is expected to grow by 24% by 2025. The same study says that full-stack developers are one of the best jobs in the past two years.

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Apart from that, full stack solutions are actually affordable for most companies, and it definitely makes more sense. While there are almost 700 programming languages and millions of tools & frameworks, knowing the most important and widely used ones brings you in the category of a full stack developer.

What is Full Stack Web Development?

If you are still confused about “what is full stack development?”, here’s a definite answer.

Full stack development involves both the backend and frontend of development taken care of by a single developer. Full stack developers build the frontend user interface and the backend engine that powers the web applications.

The full-stack development team is responsible for ensuring that the frontend is engaging, the backend is bug-free, and the databases are properly integrated and managed. They provide all-in-one development services.

Full stack web development involves:-

  • Programming the backend of applications
  • Coordinate with a full stack development team
  • Building the front end of applications
  • Troubleshooting development issues
  • Testing and launching the products
  • Manage the web development lifecycle
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What does a Full-stack Developer do?

In simple terms, a full-stack web developer is a jack of all trades. From backend to the frontend, the developers play a crucial role in every stage of the development process.

When you hire a full stack development company, you are accessing expert developers who are skilled in all the processes of software development.

Their primary role includes working with 3 significant aspects of development:-

  • Presentation aspect
    It involves designing and developing the frontend, the user interface of the web application. The presentation layers require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Logical aspect
    This is the programming layer in full stack software development which involves writing the code for the backend using server-side programming languages like Ruby and Python.
  • Database aspect
    It involves working the relational and non-relational database through technologies like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others. It involves either using tables or JSON to store data.
Full Stack Web Developer Technologies

Full Stack Web Developer Technologies                                                                                                                      Source: Edureka

Full Stack Software Development: 7 Reasons to Choose

Now that you understand the basics of full stack solutions and what a developer does, you can dive deeper into understanding why every enterprise now loves to hire full stack web developers.

From idea conception to application deployment, full stack developers ease the entire process through a single point of contact for everything. It reduces the mistakes made during development, providing enterprises with the opportunity to capitalize on their capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Here are 7 reasons to choose full stack software development for your next project:-

1. Better team management

Enterprises today want software developers with good communication skills and team management capabilities. It happens with small team size, and fewer people on-board the project.

Full stack software development enables you to hire only a few developers instead of hiring a specialist for every activity involved in development.

It means you have to spend fewer dollars on each application you want to get built.

A full-stack web development team is easy to manage as only a few are needed to work on a project. It means they will communicate effectively, have more transparency, and listen better to each other’s suggestions.

Managing a full-stack development team is much simpler than managing a team of separate developers. It provides an efficient way to manage the team, and reduces the efforts of the team lead, making everyone happy in the process.

2. Cost-effective development

Without a doubt, affordability is one of the most important reasons enterprises choose to hire a full stack development company.
If you are developing an MVP, full stack developers can work on every aspect of your product. It will ensure that you don’t have to spend too much in th initial stages.

You can eliminate the pain of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer then a react native developer then an AWS developer if you hire someone for full-stack solutions development.

Hiring individual developers or professionals and managing them separately is time, money, and effort investment. Full stack web developers will reduce all the hassle from that process.

You just have to pay the full-stack developer for all the software needs, and he or she will get it done with their team.

3. Multiple technology expertise

Full stack software development allows you to hire developers with multiple technology expertise, a significant advantage for your firm.

During product development, if the frontend developers need the assistance of the backend developers, there is a whole hierarchy and disturbance in the process.

Since full-stack web developers are experts in all the technologies, they can work out the mistakes and solve them quicker than other developers.

Having multiple technologies expertise, they will reduce your organization’s dependence on several developers for a single product.

With full stack development, you can opt for different technologies to build your product and choose the one which best fulfils your requirements. Bringing in a full stack developer is a strategic, economic, and effective decision for web development.

Their technology expertise also provides them with unmatched flexibility to make modifications and changes in the product at a rapid pace than separate developers.

4. Rapid development

Full stack web development enables faster delivery of products and allows developers to meet the development deadlines better than ever before.

Full-stack web developers work in a team and coordinate swiftly to manage all the tasks involved in development. Since one developer manages all the tasks, it reduces dependency on other developers.

For example, backend developers may have to wait for frontend developers to receive a component in the design. It leads to loss of time for the backend developers.

Full stack solutions enable developers to build rapid products as they don’t have to wait for any dependencies. They work in unison with the team and build applications faster as they are responsible for the entire development process.

On average, full stack developers can reduce the development time by nearly 20% to 25% and allow you more time-to-market the product.

5. Better support and maintenance

Since full stack developers are experts in different technologies, they get frequent updates on them and easily adapt to the changing environment.

It allows them to offer continuous support and maintenance for products. They can make modifications based on the latest updates and give your product a good boost.

On the other hand, if there is any support activity that calls for a developer to check and fix it, full stack software development makes it simple. As a single development team has built the application, they know where and what changes to make.

A single full-stack developer can fix all the issues at the frontend, backend, and the database level, providing you with complete support without any hassle.

A professional full-stack development company provides 24×7 support because there is a single point of contact with whom you can address all your concerns and get them fixed.

6. Accountable development

Full stack web development follows a smoother workflow as developers take tasks after tasks to achieve the product development goal in harmony.

When there is separate responsibility to different developers, taking accountability is a challenge for everyone.

Since full stack developers work on all parts of the product, they can easily take ownership of the project as well as be accountable for everything in the development process.

Full-stack web developers can work at the midsection of the project and then switch to the end without any hesitation of sharing responsibility.

It eliminates the hassle of individually asking every developer of every component about their activities and tasks. Full-stack web development allows developers to take charge of the project without any interruptions from separate teams.

7. All-in-one development

Full stack solutions are the ultimate all-in-one development solution for your enterprise and result in better productivity for the developers.

Full stack web developers can lead a project individually, work as a team, or partner with other developers to provide complete development solutions.

You don’t have to search for separate developers and spend money, time, and effort on separate resources for web development. A full-stack developer, as mentioned above, is a jack of all trades.

Because of this, more and more developers are eager to learn full stack web development, which will provide them with better job opportunities and enterprises with high-quality solutions.

Conclusion: Full Stack Software Development is the Future

Full stack development eliminates some of the major underlying problems with web development like inefficiency, poor communication, issues in development, delivery backlogs, and many more.

With efficiency and cost being one of the major factors for web development, enterprises are more likely to hire full stack developers than anyone else. And it makes sense – everyone wants to save and get high-quality products, and full stack software development is the way to do that.

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