Mobile applications have become essential for organizations to reach more customers. They want users to easily access their services through Smartphones and tablet devices. But a major decision arises when they have to decide which OS they should be making an app for. iOS and Android both have a targeted user base. In such scenarios, React Native development offers much help to enterprises.

React native applications enable enterprises to reach customers on both iOS and Android without spending separately on app development for each operating system. The open-source app development framework allows you to use a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps.

Enterprises have been using Flutter and Ionic for a long time to fulfil their mobile application requirement. Ionic performance and Flutter’s simplicity is the primary reason enterprises used them for app development. But with the introduction of React Native app development, companies are rigorously moving from Flutter and Ionic mobile apps.

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Advantages of React Native Application Development
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Why Flutter and Ionic?

Flutter and Ionic both are cross-platform app development frameworks. Let’s look at these cross-platform mobile platforms comparison and what made them good in the first place.



Mobile app development SDK with a user interface software development kit integrated with Java for Android and SWIFT & Objective C for iOS.Cross-platform mobile app development framework using Javascript, HTML, CSS, and AngularJS.
Flutter has a steep learning curve as developers need to understand how it works with both platforms.Ionic mobile apps can be easily created because it has a simple learning curve and doesn’t involve special platform understanding.
Flutter provides a huge suite of widgets which are the small building blocks for appealing UI development.Ionic performance is highly praised because of the components it provides for development with any frontend development framework.
Since Flutter is more closer to native component development, it provides excellent performance.Ionic provides good native performance because it builds web apps without much of a native feel.
Flutter is platform-specific and can result in problems if you choose to build on another platform in the future.Ionic is based on web apps, and if you choose to build on another platform, you can easily switch without any complications.

Flutter and Ionic’s performance are both based on the app developers capabilities to take advantage of these two frameworks. However, Ionic mobile apps provide more flexibility, while Flutter is a project by Google, which may or may not be stopped one day. If you are building an app on Flutter, and Google decides to shut it down, there is no way you can bring all your application components to another framework.

In the above ionic vs flutter comparison, we see that both platforms are built to serve specific needs. However, they also have a few cons which trouble developers. React app development has, thus, become an important and useful technology that can help developers fulfil those gaps. In the above mobile application development platforms comparison, we clearly saw Flutter and Ionic struggle in some aspects.

Benefits of Migrating to React Native App Development

React Native is a powerful cross-platform app development framework. The framework enables react native developers to build quick native-looking web and mobile applications. React Native applications are built with multi-platform UI components through JSX, which are then rendered to native code and converted into Android view and iOS view.

brief history of React Native

Some of the benefits of React Native app development include:-

  • Indistinguishable native apps
    React applications are indistinguishable from native apps. The open-source Javascript framework enables developers to build almost similar Webviews for Android and iOS that are available for native applications. Any React Native development company will agree to the fact that the best native applications are built with React Native.
  • Shared codebase
    The platform utilizes a shared codebase, which means that React native developers can use a single codebase for building both Android and React Native iOS apps. In the near future, React native might outperform native technologies because it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to write code separately for both iOS and Android.
  • Custom libraries
    React Native platform has a huge community which provides continuous support and features to assist developers with their projects. There are various custom libraries and packages that developers can use to avoid building the features from scratch. They can install the packages and the platform with adapt to the view based on the platform you are making it for.
  • Native access
    The built-in features in React Native app development enable developers to give the application to native apps like Camera, Photos, Calendar, and others. If you want more features, you can write custom modules of your own or ask the community to assist you with the feature.
  • Faster development
    Since you can build both Android and iOS apps with the same codebase, React native applications are faster to build and market. You can use the single codebase and avoid the time required to build apps separately. React app development reduces the development time by 25% and gives you more time-to-market the application.

React Native development services provide you with inexpensive native applications that you can build quickly. Companies like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, UberEats, Bloomberg, and several others utilize the React native platform to build world-class applications.

companies using react native apps
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React Native App Development: Five Reasons to Migrate

While Flutter, Ionic, and React Native are considered the best cross-platform development tools, they have major differences as we learned above. React Native development is gaining popularity with each day as developers look for a simpler and better alternative to Flutter and Ionic.

Now that you understand the benefits of React app development, you can consider migration to the framework based on your needs. More often than not, enterprises are afraid of migration because they don’t know what will happen to their components. But not with React native development services – the framework is perfect for migration.

There can be several reasons for migration to React Native, but the most important ones are cost and time. One major advantage is that React Native support native migration from iOS and Android native platforms. React applications are also simpler to maintain.

A few reasons you should migrate to React native app development include:-

1. You need an application for Android or iOS

  • One of the primary reasons to migrate to react native development is when you have an Android application, and you want an iOS app or vice versa. React native enables cross-platform application development, enabling you to build an application for iOS with the same codebase you used for Android.
  • Getting an iOS application separately would require extra time, money, and efforts. With React app development, you can use a single code to render both iOS and Android native views required for web development.

2. You want a single app development team

  • If you want a single app development team, React Native development services are the way to go. It allows you to hire a single team for building both Android and iOS applications. While Android required dedicated Android, Java, or Kotlin engineers, iOS apps required dedicated SWIFT or Objective C developers.
  • React Native apps are built by the same team which has knowledge of both Android and iOS technologies. React native team is adept in building native UI without the hassle of spending separately on both platforms.

3. You need the same functionality for both platforms

  • If you have already built an application for say, Android, and you want the same functionality for iOS, then React Native development is your best bet. It is extremely easy to use the same components in React Native for both iOS and Android applications.
  • React native apps adapt to the view you work with and render components based on the native platform. React Native lets you integrate with SWIFT and Javascript to provide the same functionality to both the platforms. The code is highly stable and works without any issues.

4. You want faster mobile application development

  • React Native app development is known for providing exceptional productivity during development. Since developers are using the same codebase for developing cross-platform applications, they can build faster applications and provide more time-to-market the product.
  • SWIFT and Kotlin, both frameworks take a lot of time to build applications. While building separate apps, productivity is compromised. However, with React app development, developers can work faster and build applications without losing on productivity. The framework is often praised for its development speed.

5. You want quick application updates

  • Once again, it takes a lot of time to push updates separately to both the Android Play Store and the App Store. When updates are released, the review process takes time. With React native development services, you can get applications that directly push updates to both the app stores.
  • The major benefit is that your application won’t get stuck in review because React applications don’t need to go through the lengthy review process. You can directly push updates on both the stores while maintaining the native look and feel.

React Native Application Development is the Future

React native framework is a highly-evolved cross-platform app development framework. It allows developers to reduce the complexities in coding. The future requires convenient application development that can quickly reach the market. React Native applications are the answer to that requirement.

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