Having hands-on experience in Spree, Shopify and BigCommerce, as a team we have worked on a number of projects, but then we received a task to implement BigCommerce API integration for a multi-platform app. This app is already having integrations with Magento and Shopify, and now we have to add one more feather in the hat – BigCommerce API!

BigCommerce API Integration: The requirements

We need to implement the integration in a way where the multi-platform app should not have all the load and setup from BigCommerce. We wanted to keep only the core BigCommerce API integration in the multi-platform app, so the multi-platform app does not become a dumping yard.

Approach – How we do it?

BigCommerce API integration

We have created a new single click application to handle the BigCommerce store’s app installation and setup flow, and implemented BigCommerce API integration with the multiplatform app.

This separates the setup process app from the core application. And BigCommerce’s flexible API allows access to the required dataset from the connected store which the multiplatform app wants to use!

We have used the same concept uses by BigCommerce here – IFrame! Our team has implemented the architecture in a manner where though both the apps are separate, but the end user – Store owner/user – will see everything in the same screen when the end user loads the single click app in their browser!

No need to login to the application or traverse to another page, user will be signed-in secretly and have a seamless user experience!

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