As digital technology progresses, there has been a growing number of cyberattacks in the last couple of years. By the first half of 2019, 4.1 billion records were exposed due to data breaches. That number is multiplying every day as more people and businesses move online.

Cyberattacks are critical for every organization as they can bring the entire organization to a standstill. In such scenarios, security is a necessity for all organizations. Machine Learning in cybersecurity is going to be a crucial player in securing businesses from threats and vulnerabilities.

There are countless volumes of data uploaded on the internet every day. Machine Learning algorithms that can secure this data are now becoming popular as more and more organizations recognize their potential in threat detection.

In the digital world, Machine Learning network security is of utmost importance as most of the cyber-attacks take place through network phishing and other similar activities. DDoS and DoS attacks are a few examples of cyber threats that expose a wide array of information to hackers and cyber criminals.

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Machine Learning


Why Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

With the advancements that Machine Learning in cybersecurity has seen over the years, it has proven itself to be a promising method of tackling cyber attacks. Machine Learning security assists in the development of a safer and automated digital space. It offers a structure to organizations for protecting their data through threats and vulnerabilities.

Today, Machine Learning is one of the most important technologies that your organization can implement. Read this article to learn why we say that.

Here are a few reasons how Machine Learning cyber security can safeguard organizations:

  • Analyze patterns of threats
    • Given a sufficient amount of data, Machine Learning is excellent at analyzing patterns of threats that lead to cyberattacks. Machine Learning solutions run through the entire gamut of cyber attacks that took place in the past. It can analyze the patterns and identify exactly how the attacks were executed.
    • This is the most valuable benefit of cyber security Machine learning. It assists organizations in keeping a comprehensive analysis of patterns that lead to a security vulnerability.
    • On the other hand, Machine Learning and cybersecurity get stronger together when the algorithms frequently run through the data to ensure that only secure protocols are followed for safeguarding the data.
  • Anomaly detection
    • Machine Learning security offers the advantage of detecting anomalies in the system and identify changing behaviour. If there are any modifications in the network configurations, the Machine Learning algorithm can recognize it as an anomaly.
    • Once it detects the anomaly, the system can alert the IT personnel about the behaviour changes. It will allow them to proactively respond to any cyberattacks and give them an upper hand while managing data security.
    • Since Machine Learning in cybersecurity can run through massive volumes of data within a couple of seconds, it can inform you about any anomalies in real-time. It improves the response time of the cybersecurity team drastically and allows preventing vulnerable attacks.
  • Automate regular checkups
    • Most of the time, the cybersecurity team has to manually check for security vulnerabilities by conducting a regular checkup of the system through fixed parameters. In such circumstances Machine Learning for cybersecurity can be of great assistance.
    • Machine Learning security can automatically run test cases on massive amounts of data for conducting a regular checkup of the system. By entering some fixed parameters and triggering the algorithm, organizations can automate their routine checkups that take place at regular intervals.
    • It offers more time to the cybersecurity and IT team to work hand-in-hand and create a quick response system for any attacks that may occur. Apart from that, cyber security Machine Learning offers them more time to focus on critical issues related to digital data and resource management.
  • Effective and In-expensive
    • It doesn’t help if your organization is often struggling to keep up with cybersecurity. That is riskier to the system than the attack itself. Poor management of data can also expose the records to security risks, leading to cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in the system.
    • Machine Learning and cyber security are effective when algorithms can properly organize the unstructured data and detect patterns from them. It’s about manipulating these datasets to identify how and where a cyber attack can take place. It is more effective than IT personnel trying to manage threats through manual methods.
    • On the other hand, cybersecurity Machine Learning is relatively inexpensive that manual protection of data. You need to install the AI-based algorithm once in your system, and it will learn by itself every time. You don’t need to add functionalities as the Machine is capable of making its own selection of threats that can threaten the system.

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Early threat Detection: The Best Solution for Cyber Security

Arguably, early threat detection is one of the best solutions that Machine Learning can offer for assisting in cybersecurity. The algorithms can be trained to detect threats and anomalies in the system, which stray away from usual behaviour.

By identifying the threat early, Machine Learning security can send notifications to the engineers and alert them about the attacks. With the help of classification algorithms, Machine Learning models can classify what type of cyber attack is taking place. It will help the team to be better prepared and respond to it.

machine learning for cyber security


Reports by Kaspersky suggest that DDoS attacks rose by 33% in the third quarter of 2019, and every breach cost the organization an average of $138,000 in damages. While this has led to a growth in the cybersecurity solutions market, custom Machine Learning solutions for cybersecurity present a real opportunity to stay ahead of cybercrime.

Another way to secure the system from cyber attacks is to understand an internal vulnerability in the system – centralization of data for connected systems. When an attack happens, the entire system is at risk, and all the data can be breached.

Combined with Blockchain, Machine Learning for cybersecurity will enable the creation of peer-to-peer networks that are more secure. The attackers will not be able to gain command of the system due to the P2P nature of the blockchain system.

Blockchain is still in its early stages. However, it has emerged as one of the most secure ways to conduct transactions and protect your data. With remote work culture coming into action, there’s a high need for secure systems where organizations can connect without any risk of cybercrime.

However, Machine Learning does possess a few challenges for businesses while implementation. This blog shows how you can solve them.

Take the assistance of Machine Learning Experts for your Business

You cannot ignore the importance of Machine Learning development – especially in today’s world, when digital transformation has become a necessity for organizations to succeed. Whether it’s an application that assists in customer service or a custom solution that helps in cybersecurity, Machine Learning is now an inevitable resource that you should implement as soon as possible.

Protecting your organization from cyber threats is an important aspect of being a digital organization. You should hire an expert Machine Learning services company like BoTree Technologies for custom solutions that can help you make better digital decisions for your business.

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