React JS is a powerful ecosystem to build web applications. It helps in developing interactive user interfaces through the best React component libraries. The framework reduces the time it takes to build applications through React Javascript libraries.

These popular libraries for React JS help the developers with everything from writing applications to testing the code.

While working with many ReactJS applications for almost 3 years now, we decided to create a list of most common libraries that we use with almost every advanced React JS application!

This React Libraries list comprises every React JS library that we use in building interactive applications and UI. 

Here advanced means complex React applications with almost 100+ React JS components in a single React app.

1. Redux

The first package that comes to my mind while creating massive React Applications is Redux for state management. Redux is a Javascript library, which is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.

It helps you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test. On top of that, it provides a great developer experience, such as live code editing combined with a time traveling debugger.

You can use Redux together with React, or with any other view library. It is tiny (2kB, including dependencies).

Weekly downloads: 4,600,387


2. React-Redux

One of the popular React Javascript libraries, it offers Official React bindings for Redux. And is very performant and flexible.

Weekly downloads: 2,089,967


3. Lodash

Lodash is a popular Javascript library that eliminates the hassle out of working with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, etc. Lodash’s modular methods are great for:

Iterating arrays, objects, & strings

Manipulating & testing values

Creating composite functions

Weekly downloads: 19,789,559


4. Moment

If you are working with dates in your application one library that definitely comes to your mind is the moment! The moment is one of the lightweight react libraries 2021, which is a JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.

Weekly downloads: 8,069,076


5. React Debounce Render

react-debounce-render is a Higher Order Component that wraps your react components and debounces their rendering.

This method can be used to prevent extra renders when a react component rapidly receives new props by delaying the triggering of the render until updates become less frequent. Doing so will improve the overall rendering time of the application, thus improving the user experience. It uses lodash debounce under the hood.

Weekly downloads: 8,886


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6. React HighCharts

One of the best React component libraries available with React JS. Very easy to use! It creates interactive charts easily for your web projects.

Highcharts is used by tens of thousands of developers and over 80% out of the world’s 500 largest companies. Highcharts is the simplest yet most flexible charting API on the market.

Weekly downloads: 35,459


7. Redux Form

If you want to create HTML forms with dynamic fields Redux form is a good option here. redux-form works with React Redux to enable an HTML form in React to use Redux to store all of its state.

Very well documented and you can also find code sandbox implementations to play with here.

Weekly downloads: 347,754


8. Throttle-Debounce

It is a Javascript library that offers Throttle execution of a function. Especially useful for rate limiting execution of handlers on events like resize and scroll.

Debounce execution of a function. Debouncing, unlike throttling, guarantees that a function is only executed a single time, either at the very beginning of a series of calls or at the very end.

While working with APIs and handling input changes the above two functions fits perfectly for your react application.

Weekly Downloads: 175,319


9. Material UI for React

React Javascript components that implement Google’s Material Design. Very useful if you want to use Google Material Design for your application!

Weekly Downloads: 1,031,007


10. React Beautiful DND

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React

Weekly Downloads: 157,232


11. Jest

Delightful JavaScript Testing

Developer Ready: Complete and ready to set-up JavaScript testing solution. Works out of the box for any React project.

Instant Feedback: Failed tests run first. Fast interactive mode can switch between running all tests or only test files related to changed files.

Snapshot Testing: Jest can capture snapshots of React trees or other serializable values to simplify UI testing.

Weekly Downloads: 3,597,940


That was every ReactJS library that we used for building dynamic applications. The react javascript libraries provide an easy way to install features and render components to add interactive functionalities in any application. By using these popular libraries for React JS, developers can save a lot of time and hassle. You can count on EcDev Studio for help with hiring an experienced React developer.

That’s it! Thanks for reading!

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