You must be quite acquainted uploading files especially images S3 using Paperclip, CarrierWave, etc., gems. But what if you just want to upload a file without any kind of pre/post-processing or ActiveRecord integration? Paperclip, CarrierWave are great gems but it would be overkilling to use such gems where you need very limited functionality of the gem.

I recently need to upload the large number of xml to S3 in a microservice that doesn’t have DB integration. So that is the very clear case of using aws-sdk library directly overusing such flashy gems.

I tried googling around it and mostly landed on articles that were using the older version of aws-sdk API but I have to use latest one.

The latest version of aws-sdk(~> 2) had different API to upload a file to S3. So most of those example gives errors. I read docs and spec from the aws-sdk and come up with the working example.

Here is a quick gist which help you get going without stumbling and trying obsolete APIs.

Click here for more details

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