Artificial Intelligence has been in existence for time unknown. Intelligent machines have announced their existence in ancient myths of the Greeks, Egyptians, Arabics, etc. AI has now earned an important place in the world of technology and is evolving rapidly into a technological revolution.

A proper distinction must be made between artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand them properly. Artificial intelligence programming is based on a computer’s ability to think for itself. Machine learning is more focused on the process through which a computer can learn a skill by being programmed to do so.

How Artificial Intelligence Solutions are changing the World

AI products are now integrated with the workplace and at home. The applications of artificial intelligence and widespread and they provide benefits to an array of industries. Healthcare, education, security are a few industries reaping the maximum benefits of AI.

One must understand that artificial intelligence and robotics, for that matter, are not here to replace human jobs. They must be seen as technologies that will augment human efforts. They are built with the focus of leaving a positive impact on business and society.

  • Effective Automation

    One of the major artificial intelligence opportunities lies in automation tasks. Once integrated, tasks will be automated without any human intervention. Computers are already able to make decisions regarding repetitive tasks. This has led to a reduction in costs and employ human personnel in more creative tasks.

  • Smart Forecasting

    Forecasting has always been a challenge, whether in business or the weather. Climate informatics has emerged as an intelligent solution to forecast the weather. It can analyze complex data and then make a recommendation based on the patterns in that data. Scientists can now receive information on hazardous climatic events and take measures to reduce them.

  • Military Responsibility

    A much-debated issue is utilizing artificial intelligence and robots in war zones. Humans have been responsible for long to take part in the military and lose precious life. AI machines will enable better combat techniques to fight terrorist problems and can be used in military intelligence.

  • Error Minimization

    The development of artificial intelligence eliminates all human intervention. This minimizes the chances of error in operations. AI-powered robots offer a high amount of accuracy in completing manual tasks. Human error is one of the leading causes of inefficiency. AI is error-free as long as it is away from making moral decisions.

  • Liberates People

    Human personnel in any organization has to perform a lot of tedious tasks. It frees up space for people to focus on more productive and creative tasks. Machines are experts in doing tedious tasks and enable human personnel to work on activities that involve creative decision-making.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence Systems

Artificial intelligence has a future brighter than any other technology. Robots and AI-powered machines will reduce the human burden and make our lives easier. Businesses will take advantage of AI and become global giants within a budget.

  1. AI is growing exponentially every year. Ray Kurzweil, a tech-savvy futurist, has presented evidence that AI attained the progress equivalent to the entire 20th century between 2000 to 2014. This growth has significantly impacted scientific advancements and will continue at the same rate in the future.
  2. Artificial intelligence applications are now a part of your daily life. Siri, Cortana, Google Now are real-world examples of how AI is integrated into your life. Apart from these video games, healthcare, film making, software development, all industries are widely using AI. The future belongs to AI as whenever AI is integrated, businesses accept it as a part and parcel of the process.
  3. With artificial intelligence and robots, most of the jobs will be automated. This does not mean that people will lose their jobs. Rather they can utilize their brains on creative tasks and work for enjoyment and pleasure. Universal basic income has emerged as an aspect to support this claim.
  4. A 2013 survey showed that 50% of the respondents believed computers will reach human-level intelligence by 2040. This means that a person born today will be able to witness this potential by the age of 21 years.
  5. Artificial intelligence applications will take over Smartphones and desktop devices. It will reach a level of intelligence that some say would surpass human intelligence. However, by properly managing it, AI will always be a human servant rather than the other way around.

The development of artificial intelligence has given us hope to solve big world problems. It focuses on meeting human needs quickly and reduces the burden of tedious and tiresome tasks on them. BoTree Technologies is a leading artificial intelligence development company that augments your business processes with top-notch AI-based IT solutions.

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