Selecting the right backend technology for a web application can be tricky. It is an important decision that determines the future of your product. Developers today are working hard to figure out which technology will suit your requirements the best. Out of this, RoR Software development services has emerged as a good choice for backend development.

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework written in Ruby, a dynamic programming language. It offers developers a structure to write the code for the web application. RoR application development enables simplification of complex coding tasks with its clear architecture and features.

RoR technology powers over 3.5 million websites on the internet. It is a valuable framework for productive web development. Whether to choose RoR web app development services or not is a choice based on your web application requirements. Since it has a lot of pre-programmed codes, developers admire it for the flexibility and rapid product development capabilities.

What makes RoR Software Application Development so Valuable?

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language so the development process automatically becomes visually seamless. Here’s why Ruby on Rails is such a valuable framework for software development:-

  • Ruby on Rails developers write code quickly because of the framework’s simplicity and provide you more time-to-market the product.
  • Rails offers full stack web development capabilities that hold the backend and frontend together.
  • RoR website development is amazing for handling massive amounts of traffic as the framework can easily scale your website.
  • Dynamic web development becomes simpler with RoR app development because the RubyGems and extensions offer wide extensibility.
  • Hiring an RoR development company is extremely affordable, reducing the entire cost of web application development.

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Convention over Configuration and RESTful App Design

The best RoR developers admire the concept of convention over configuration. It enables faster development of the web application as developers don’t have to configure files. The framework comes with a set of conventions which makes the process easier and you can code quickly.

Representational State Transfer (REST) is client-server relationship-based software architecture. It helps developers to develop a logical structure within applications allowing it to deploy as an API. The development methods used by RoR consulting companies are consistent and encourage agile implementation.

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Why you should use Ruby on Rails for Backend Development

Ruby is the third most popular programming language in India. It provides highly dynamic features and tools that enable efficient development. RoR mobile application development is based on a pragmatic approach to software development. It focuses on a structured approach to web development rather than the uninteresting approach of other communities.

  • Highly-functional tools
    Ruby on Rails gives access to highly-functional tools for creating a product in a lesser amount of time. These tools offer a standard structure for developing an application. All the common nitty-gritty & patterns are taken care of by these tools.
  • Improved code quality
    The code in ruby development is simple and easily understandable, even by rookie developers. This has resulted in better code quality as compared to other frameworks used for PHP and NodeJS development.
  • Vast Developer Community
    Backend is filled with technical problems that a single developer can’t solve. RoR has a vast community of developers that have frequent meetups and collaborate to solve complex product development problems. Ruby has one of the biggest communities on GitHub which is growing every day.
  • Silicon Valley Acceptance
    Ruby on Rails has wide acceptance in Silicon Valley. Giants like Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify, etc. have utilized RoR development in their architecture. It received wide recognition from the valley and was widely adopted by programmers around the world.
  • Rich Libraries
    Ruby has one of the best libraries available for any development framework. Rubygems is a miracle worker for developers as it offers a gem for just about anything. These gems are available to everyone and can be easily searched on Here are the top 10 best Ruby on Rails Rubygems that simplify the process and lead to better web applications.
  • Increased Productivity
    Ruby is simple and easy to read the language. It has code that can be learned quickly by beginners and when combined with libraries, it helps in developing feature-rich applications. It is one of the most productive programming languages available for web development.

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How RoR Development Helps the Backend of Web Applications

Ruby on Rails is the next-generation framework for web development. It has got several online courses on popular websites like Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, Steer, etc. Many developers are learning RoR web application development because of its simplicity giving rise to a lot of talented ruby developers.

The biggest advantage of Ruby on Rails is its rapid prototyping capabilities. There’s much more to RoR software development than just writing simple code. You can easily save time and money on the entire development process. 

Without a doubt, RoR web development is one of the highly preferred frameworks for developers. It has an exceptional community and a high-quality code that makes development easier and faster. For projects with tighter deadlines and smaller budgets, Ruby on Rails is the miracle worker. Ruby on Rails web development services are the perfect solution.

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