Python has everything that companies do for web development. It is one of the most popular programming languages in May 2021, with a share of 33.8%. 

The general-purpose programming language is now the first choice of developers for building web apps, data science solutions, and modern digital products. 

But before we move to understand the cost of Python application development, let’s have a closer look at the technology.

Web application development using Python has significantly grown over the years. It is the preferred programming language because of its robustness and easy-to-code capabilities. Python’s growth over the years is evident from the following graph –

Source: StackOverflow

Now, you might be interested in finding Python cost for your web application. Every app has certain requirements. Python is perfect for web apps in different industries like Technology, HealthTech, FinTech, Supply Chain, and more. 

The price is not the same, but there are some common factors that help determine the price of building a web application using Python. Before we dive into these factors, let’s understand a little bit more about Python.

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Why is Python so Popular?

Both on GitHub and Google Trends, Python remains the most popular programming language. The benefits of Python are much simpler to understand than other programming languages. 

Here’s why Python web application development is so popular –

  • Simple and Easy to Use
    • Python’s syntax is similar to that of the English language, making it easier for developers to understand and code in Python.
  • Speed of Development
    • Developers can execute the code when they write, leading to rapid prototyping and handling complex multi-protocol applications.
  • Extensive Third-party Plugins
    • Python has a wonderful library and third-party module support, enabling developers to add highly advanced functionalities.
  • Massive Community
    • There is a huge Python developer community, some say it is the biggest in the world, which provides resources and support.
  • Fantastic for Data Science
    • Python has specific libraries for data science implementations like numerical & scientific computing, statistical analysis, and more.

Apart from this, Python is an object-oriented and flexible programming language. The language is so user-friendly that even a beginner can start by asking how to make a web app with Python and learn it in a matter of months.

Most universities today teach Python and have extensive courses on how to develop web applications using Python. It is now becoming a starting point for all developers. 

Python has benefits over other programming languages. Companies can reap these advantages of Python and build a dynamic web app. But you might ask, what about the affordability advantage?

Is Python a Free Program?

Python is an open-sourcing programming language. Therefore, it is freely available for everyone to access, download, and execute. There are no licensing costs involved with Python. Companies can save money by working with Python.

The open-source nature of Python also ensures that developers can update the programming language and make modifications. The massive community provides massive upgrades and new features that can help with web application development

But there are costs involved in using Python for app development. They may not be the licensing costs but the price of hiring a programmer, paying the development partner, and maintaining the app.

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How Much does a Python App Cost?

The web application development cost for each project is different. Python cost is associated with multiple factors. It depends from industry to industry, the type of web application, features to be included, and much more.

Understanding how much Python costs is challenging just by understanding the idea of the app. However, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION if you want to get a quick estimate.

Here are the factors that you should consider for a web application development cost estimation using Python – 

  • App Features
    • The cost of the app mostly depends on the features and functionalities that you want to incorporate. The more complex features you want, the higher the price will go.
    • This is mostly because a lot of complex features will take a lot of time to build. The design impacts the cost of development, which is why it is a good practice to discuss the features beforehand to get a proper estimation.
  • Time to Build
    • The development time is a good indicator of the Python cost. Cost-effective development is possible when the application is easier and doesn’t have a lot of features.
    • However, complex applications that use data science and AI may lead to higher costs as they take more time to build. More time investment will lead to more pricing as the team will need to increase their efforts.
  • Design & Development
    • Designing a website requires the assistance of web designers and other things. You need to purchase paid themes, pay for stock images, elements, and more. Designing is a major part of the cost.
    • The web application development cost will also include development costs like hosting, servers, and other costs that involve bringing the application to life. These may vary depending on the vendors you choose.
  • App Maintenance
    • Companies often overlook the app maintenance costs, but they are important. These include the cost of upgrading the app, new releases, bug fixes, and design changes – all the important ones.
    • App maintenance is often part of the Python app development cost package. But if you opt not to get the maintenance, then the cost may come down. Maintenance is essential to improve customer interactions and deliver a modern user experience as the app grows.

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How Much does it Cost to Hire a Python Programmer?

It depends on the way you are hiring. A full-time Python programmer can only work better when he or she is working at a time. But if you don’t need a full-time person, then hiring someone on a per-project basis is also an option.

However, you would want to outsource to a Python development company, which offers a fixed monthly price for Python programmers. At BoTree, the cost to hire dedicated Python programmers starts at $2800 per month. 

The dedicated programmers act as the in-house team for building the web app. They are managed by the outsourcing company, so you don’t have to pay them once the project is done.


Python is a wonderful programming language that developers and companies admire equally. The cost of building a Python application depends on the type of app you want. 

You can get a FREE ESTIMATION for Python web application development from us.