The Leadership Team

About Our Philosopy and Team

The Philosophy

We have shaped our work culture based on these three Guiding Principles, which reflect our philosophy.

The first principle is about constant improvement in our work, the second principle guides us about how to treat the client, and the third one helps us look after our team members.

  • There is always a better way to do anything and everything.
  • We are our clients' technology partners. We always strive to add value to our clients' business.
  • Our success is a byproduct of a fulfilling career we provide our employees.

The Leadership Team

Mehul Desai


Mehul Desai has spent almost 25 years in the areas of intellectual property, product development, business development, strategy and international operations, focusing on ICT (or Information Communication Technologies) and related applications worldwide.

Mehul Desai has done pioneering work in the field of secure personalized transactions, with focus on finance, retail, healthcare, and government services for mobile phone users, evolving the Digital Wallet, to a Mobile Wallet, to a Lifestyle Container. Mehul co-founded C-SAM, Inc., a global technology provider for secure transaction solutions, which was acquired by MasterCard Worldwide in 2014.

Mehul Desai is focused on fostering innovation in the areas of Technology, New Media and Social Entrepreneurship, thru mentorship, investment, and cross-pollination across sectors and markets.

Mehul Desai co-authored a book - March of Mobile Money, The Future of Lifestyle Management - which was published by Collins Business in 2010. Mehul has authored a new book - August of Money, The Quest for Cashless Society - which was published by Let's Talk Payments in August 2015.

Mehul Desai has been involved with several industry forums focused on developing standards for secure mobile transactions, including the MPIW or Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup, an industry task force convened by the US Federal Reserve.

Mehul Desai is the co-inventor of issued patents and pending applications. Mehul often speaks at industry conferences on topics related to mobile commerce and payments, and, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mehul Desai's other areas of interest include Knowledge Methodologies & Knowledge Cities, New Education Models, New Representative Models, Use of ICT in Delivery of Public Services and Food Security.

Mehul Desai supports several non-profit initiatives, including the Global Foodbanking Network, ChildFund International and Global Giving.

Mehul Desai holds a B.S. in Telecommunication Engineering and a M.S. in Engineering Management.

Chetan Shah


Chetan Shah is a corporate adviser on matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, valuation enhancement, strategic directional change and financial optimization. He has decades of experience working with global investment bank Lazard, where he was a Director M&A, Saudi Arabia's largest financial institution National Commercial Bank, where he headed M&A and Advisory business, and the Saudi Arabian capital markets arm of Bank Muscat, where he was COO.

Chetan has also had senior strategic investment roles at Mumbai headquartered Tata and Dubai's prestigious real estate developer Damac.

Some of his significant work includes privatization of hospitality assets of India Tourism Development Corporation resulting in disinvestment and public private partnerships of 19 erstwhile government-run hotels, financing of US $200 million cancer hospital Saudi Particle Therapy Centre, and acquisition tea, coffee and water assets in the US and elsewhere globally to transform US $3 billion Tata Global Beverages Limited.

Years of analysing, financing, advising, buying and selling varied and complex businesses have provided Chetan a deep and original insight in to what makes a business successful and valuable in the long run, which means his views are often contrarian. He volunteers as mentor to start-ups.

Chetan works from Sydney and Mumbai. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a management diploma from JBIMS (India). He is an associate CPA (Australia).

Shardul Bhatt

CEO & Co-Founder

Shardul Bhatt, BoTree's founder and CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the software industry, both in terms of unique IP driven product development as well as professional services. Shardul has worked in domains like mobile transactions, travel and leisure, social media marketing and advertising, education, e-commerce, real estate and health insurance. Shardul has held several technical and managerial positions, and, has also helped startup several software services companies in areas ranging from web development to business intelligence.

Shardul has extensively programmed in languages from Java to Ruby on Rails. Shardul has worked on projects and with companies around the world, from the US, to Finland, to Japan, to UAE, to India, leading technical teams and coordinating projects across multiple geographies. Shardul's mix of experience in technology and management has proved of great value to his clients.

Shardul co-founded BoTree Technologies in 2013 with the sole focus of delivering "Canvas to Cloud" services. BoTree caters to technology needs of clients in the US and EU. BoTree has a strong team of over 35 software and management professionals and is the technology partner to some of the fastest growing startups and technology companies in the US.

Parth Barot

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

During his career spanning over 11 years, Parth has contributed in the development of products for industries like Civil Infrastructure Management, Integration of Legacy Accounting systems built on disparate platforms, Network Monitoring and Security, Health and Wellness and more.

Parth has an extensive experience planning and running 24 x 7 (L1 to L3) Tech Support Operations. Parth has identified approaches and devised methodologies which can be adopted for effectively serving support operations for various domains.

Parth has keen interests in algorithms, system analysis and design, performance optimization, complex problem solving approaches, large scale integrations and capacity planning.

Parth has programmed extensively in Java and related technologies, Ruby on Rails, Javascript frameworks and is always exploring the the new age programming languages and platforms. Parth has worked closely with teams based out of US, UK and Europe. Parth has also visited and worked closely with clients in Singapore.

Parth has degree in Computer Engineering.

Amit Patel

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Amit has been working as a lead programmer / project manager since over a decade. Amit has spent a lot of his time focussing on what works best for a team, how best can we structure the team to maximize the output, how teams respond to various situations and how does the constitution of a team change the behavior of the team.

Amit has a very strong technical background and has programmed extensively in Java / J2EE, Ruby on Rails and Javascript frameworks. He has keen interest in areas of measuring and improving code quality, automated code review algorithms, machine learning, algorithm optimization, process simplification, dynamics of self managed teams and training and mentoring teams.

Amit has worked with large distributed teams with members across 3 - 4 time zones and has customized some of the Agile processes to meet the needs of a distributed team.

Amit has a degree Computer Science.

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