If you are a new python developer, you might face problems setting up the python development ecosystem. Finding the right tools, right development habits, and the right frameworks can be especially challenging. These challenges can hinder the learning curve of any beginner python developer.

However, with years of practice, experienced developers have figured out a few common mistakes that most python developers make. These are some common pain points that trouble every developer in python. But you can leverage the experience of these professionals and fix these issues.

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How to Fix the 5 Common Python Development Mistakes

To become an effective python developer, try avoiding these 5 common mistakes. If you do make these mistakes, here’s how to fix them.

  1. Say Goodbye to Code Style Discussions
    • Code reviewing is a good practice but you might be spending a lot of time evaluating the feedback. This feedback is about code style issues.
    • You may fall into the pointless task of over evaluating the code style. “Add an extra space there” or “use camel case here” shouldn’t be the problems you must focus on. Instead of that, try to focus on bigger problems that cause bigger issues later.
    • The Fix: You can choose any python style guide available on the internet like Google’s Python Guide or PEP 8. You can just automate the tools to ensure that the style guide is being followed. You can also use Pycodestyle or Flake8 to avoid code style discussions.
  2. Avoid Turning into a Compiler
    • One of the most common mistakes python developers make is manually searching for bugs in the code. You might still be hesitant to use code analysis tools because of the language’s scripting natur.
    • The Fix: Start using the tools available to automated the task of finding bugs. Pyflakes is an exceptional tool that identifies the functional bugs and works perfectly with different coding styles. By integrating tools with your code editor and server, bugs will be automatically fixed and make your coding life simpler.
  3. Avoid Uncomfortable Editing Environment
    • As a python developer, a large part of your day is spent coding. It is no fun if the coding environment is not enjoyable. For some, it’s the code editor and for some, it’s the team chat; it depends from developer to developer.
    • The Fix: Continuously update and fine-tune your coding environment. There are several editors and IDEs like Vim, Emacs, PyCharm, etc. to choose from and tools that make coding fun for you. Don’t get stuck with a tool you don’t know. Rather choose the one that eases your development process.
  4. Don’t Get Distracted While Waiting
    • You might also spend a lot of time waiting for the tools to complete their work. Installing modules, finishing tests, etc. consumers a large chunk of the workday. At such times, it is common to lose focus and get distracted. The wait is lengthy and turns you into a lethargic developer.
    • The Fix: Never lose your focus while coding. It will cost you a lot of mental energy and errors in developing python applications that might go unnoticed. You must optimize your tools and reevaluate how you spend time waiting for tasks to be completed.
  5. Avoid Being a Cheap Developer
    • You might try to be as cheap as possible while coding. Licensed developer tools might not be your primary concern but they seriously impact the quality of your work. Trial version of tools and editors have nagging features that pop up every few minutes and disrupt the entire development process.
    • The Fix: Spend a little money on licensed tools and spare yourself from frustration. The costs of these tools are relatively lower than those of designers or marketers. Avoid buying the free trial of a critical python development tool with limited functionality.

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There’s no thumb rule to begin your journey of python development. Find the major but common mistakes that you were making and start fixing it. As you get some experience, you will become intuitive about these mistakes and will easily avoid them.

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