I was looking for a “hobby” programming project that would keep me occupied during the week around Christmas. My office would be closed, but I had a home computer and not much else on my hands. I decided to write an interpreter for the new scripting language I had been thinking about lately: a descendant of ABC.

– Guido van Rossum

The idea behind Python development is to enable beginner developers to learn a complex way of building web applications. Python for app development provides a simple syntax – similar to that of the English language. The steep learning curve makes it perfect for developers to understand and build dynamic apps.

In recent times, end-to-end Python development services have become wildly popular. It is the second most popular programming language, just after JAVA. Python is growing around 4% every month, according to TIOBE’s index of programming languages.

The best Python application development aspects cover most of its use cases. It is the perfect programming language for web development, game development, GUI development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and other advanced apps.

This article will focus on the reasons why Python application development services will become the next big thing amongst developers and companies. We will also highlight the few statistics that showcase why Python is the programming language of the future.

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How Python Proves to be a Better Programming Language?

  • Where on one hand PHP is a web-oriented language having a single semantic entry point, on the other hand, Python is a versatile language which is applicable for web development as well.
  • Java requires the explicit declaration of variables, whereas Python has no such requirement, rather the syntax is simple.
  • Similarly, C# also needs to follow various rules while writing- blocks of the code wrapped in brackets. Python doesn’t have such methods and rules, moreover, it uses shift which makes the code look neater.
  • Ruby on Rails has various approaches, Python has only one.

What makes Python the Next Big Thing?

Now, Python programming is probably one of the most sought after technologies in the world. Companies like Netflix, Google, Spotify, Instagram, amongst others use Python Django development solutions. A Python development company provides solutions that benefit the broader spectrum of all these giant’s requirements. 

The major use cases that make Python the next big thing include: 

  1. Scalable Web Applications
    Python’s code is capable of handling massive amounts of traffic. Python development services are perfect for enterprise applications that interact seamlessly with countless employees. Python is powerful and has capabilities to handle traffic in millions without any lags.
  2. Data Science
    Probably the biggest domain where Python software development services are most relevant is Data Science. Python has frameworks and tools for organizing data, visualization, data analytics, and much more. Data Science is enabling companies to leverage data and deliver better user experiences.
  3. Artificial Intelligence
    Another thing that makes Python the next big thing is Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning and Deep learning algorithms can be perfectly executed using Python and its libraries. TensorFlow and Keras are the top two libraries that can help build ML & AI apps. Python is right for scientific computing, predictive analytics, numerical computations, statistics, and more.
  4. Game Development
    The next era of gaming is here, and Python app development is all set to take it over. Python has libraries to build interactive and engaging games. Companies also use Python to gamify training modules and tutorials to train the employees. Game development is now becoming one of the topmost use cases of Python.
  5. Web Scraping Apps
    Last but not least, Python development services are highly useful in web scraping applications. Tools like PythonRequest, Selenium, MechanicalSoup enable developers to build apps that can help extract useful information from pdfs and other document extensions. Since it can access large amounts of data, scraping becomes a simple task.

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The increasing popularity of customized Python development services is due to the above and more. Here are a few statistics that show the recent trends favoring the rise of Python:

  • Python tops the IEEE Spectrum’s list of Top Programming Languages (2017).
  • TIOBE Programming Community Index indicates the popularity of programming languages, having Python at 5th Rank in May 2018.
    Python has constantly been in the top 10 of TIOBE’s rank since 2008.
  • According to Analytics India, Python ranks 1 as the best programming language for data scientists. Python is also gaining popularity in building a foundation for machine learning.
  • Python to win best programming language by Linux Journal Readers Choice award 2018.
  • In June 2017, Python was the most visited tag on Stack Overflow within high-income nations, E.g. US and UK.

All the craze that Python development is gathering recently, accounts for its simple architecture and easy to learn features. 8 of the best 10 computer science departments now use python to show coding, in addition to 27 of the top 39 schools. 

Bottom Line

Python’s open source community, numerous libraries for assistance, compatibility with various platforms and user-friendly data structures makes it reliable and easy to work on. A software development company provides Python developers who can help companies leverage the capabilities of Python and build world-class applications.

With all of the above features bringing Python to the top charts, its multi-paradigm structure gives various options to the developers and also widens the scope of Python’s applications in, web, desktop applications development, life support management systems, complex calculation systems, automation scripts, scientific computing, robotics, Internet of Things, games, natural language processing, GUI based desktop applications and many more.

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