With advancements in machine learning, python has become one of the most popular programming languages. Developers around the world understand the positive impact of web programming with python. This is evident in a 2018 Stack Overflow survey which states that 38.8% of its users have utilized python in their projects. It has surpassed C# and PHP and is continuously gaining popularity in the developer community. Not only this, Python has become the second most used programming language on the GitHub platform.

Python Programming tools

Starting With Python for Web Development

Learning the open-source object-oriented programming language is not difficult even if you’re a beginner. Understand the basics of python are the primary step to excel in the primary language. Rookie developers make the mistake of making python web programming projects from the beginning and get stuck early in the process.

  • Learn the basics by taking an online course or watching python tutorials on online streaming channels. These tutorials will provide you a good understanding and will eventually allow you to conceptualize on advanced topics. These include python functions, operators, tuples, lists, comprehensions, loops & decision-making which form the basic structure of comprehensive coding in python. Udacity, Udemy & Automate the Boring Stuff with Python are good places to start your python development journey.
  • Install Python on your computer by downloading & installing the binaries from python.org and adding python to the system environment variables. This is an easy step and if you face troubles while installing, there are several step-by-step tutorials available for setting up python.
  • There are a plethora of python libraries that come in handy for developers. These libraries contain essential functions and objects that save time once imported to the script. Some of these are Matplotlib, Scrappy, NumPy, SciPy and PyGTK which can help developers in development.
  • Once developers step into python for web programming, the python web frameworks including Django, web2py, Tornado, Python Bottle and Python Flask are utilized to develop the program. They offer dynamic functionality & flexibility to the user for easier web development.

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One should keep in mind, that there is no single best tool that can make them a python wizard. Several learning resources for python development are available online and selecting the best isn’t easy. However, once you find one, stick to that and understand all the basics. Once you move to the python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for coding, compilation, and testing, basics come in really handy to get you out of dilemmas where a rookie might get stuck.

It’s not about the tools but the time you spend practicing python in real-time. There will be a lot of troubles you might face but once you get the hang of it, python web programming becomes more likable than any other programming language. You can initiate your python journey by working with programs and problems pre-existing on the internet and then move to design your own programs.

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