Businesses need constant innovation. Some, more than the others. Chatbot technology is finding its use in multitudes of areas.  Chatbots have been around for quite a while, but they have gained more traction recently because of the recent rise of messaging and social media apps.

So to say, humans have become more chat friendly, and in turn, chatbot friendly. The likes of Facebook and Whatsapp have dominated the app market. That goes volumes to speak about the fascination associated with chatting.

Chatbots are simply bots that chat. There could be two types of it. One, the bots which have finite answers to a limited set of questions. These chatbots perform specific functions and are run by Natural Language Processing or NLP. For example, Google Search would give you a number of results based on what you ask. It might draw a blank in some cases too.

Second, the bots which have the ability to learn by themselves. They have been made by this uber cool technology called Machine Learning. This type of chatbot programming means that the machine is smart enough to develop its intelligence without the use of any sort of hard coding.

Such self-learning robots are present in the market too, even though a large population of chatbots still works on the Natural Language Processing principle.

Whether Your Business Is Small or Big, Chatbot Technology Can Do You Some Good

Some key areas of business which use chatbots are Banks, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Social Media, etc. The list is not exhaustive actually. That is again what makes chatbots so desirable for businesses, the fact that they are adaptable and versatile.

Small businesses and start-ups are working on a lean, crisp budget and they are also vouching for quicker results. Which means chatbots have real use here. For example, talking to the customer at various touchpoints becomes super important.

But again, you can’t always have a massive customer care department working round the clock. A simple ‘May I Help You?’ Chatbot does the work while keeping the conversation smart and clean.

Bigger, heftier companies can only benefit from the tech. Look at Facebook Messenger’s massive spread of chatbots. They have intelligent conversationalists and personal assistants at many points. Even have chatbots that keep you company and talk to you.

The CNN bot helps users retrieve news data, the Wimbledon bot helped direct customers to their seating places, covered the event on Facebook better than humanly possible, the Google Alexa is almost like a family member to people. Point is, whatever the business process be, it can get more interesting with good chatbot programming.

Here Are A Few Chatbots You Can Readily Try Before Going Full-On


This chatbot is designed to keep all your data in one place and present it to you in a graphical, analytically clearer format. This is mainly an accounting software but it collects both financial and non-financial information to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your billings, customer transactions, etc.

Tradeshift Go

This one is a personal assistant that makes your life easier by making your bookings and marking them in your personal calendar. If your yees’ work involves a lot of traveling and booking tickets here and there, you could integrate their work credit cards with Tradeshift Go and keep an eye on the expenses.

There are more chatbots to try out, Facebook Messenger Bots, Statsbot, Alexa and Siri even. You would understand how reliable and usable this technology can be for the purpose of your business and exactly where the chatbots can help you encash upon business opportunities.

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