The Future Challenges Are Many and Chatbot Developers Need To Continuously Evolve To Conquer Them

Chatbots are the new army for customer service. Businesses have identified chatbot technology as the new means to help them cut costs and provide standardized services to their customers. However, as the technology is evolving, the performance is not up to the mark and customers are raging due to ineffective resolutions of their issues.

Understanding the drawbacks by chatbot developers will help them improvise so that bots offer quick, effective and satisfying answers to customers’ queries. Here are some of the issues that draw the attention towards the challenges that chatbots face presently.

Chatbot Technology

Issue 1: Bots Are Cold Skinned & Offer Monotonous Experiences

There are thousands of chatbots functioning across the segments. But how many of you can remember or name them. The answer would be very few and that’s where the problem lies. Chatbots have still not come to terms with having truly natural communications with humans. The reason behind is the lack of personality and flow of conversation that chatbot technology offers. The conversations are mundane, robotic & sometimes frustrating as well.

The Solution:

The objective of the chatbot technology should delight the customers at every possible step. They might not resolve the problem, but at least should bring a smile. Injecting emojis, experiences based on empathy, keeping the language simple, anticipating conversations, building a personality of chatbots are some of the ways in which interactions with human are more natural.

Issue 2: Chatbots Can’t Relate To Humans

Understanding specific scenarios is one of the main drawbacks of chatbot technology. Bots are programmed to follow a specific set of steps and do not deviate from the script. This leads to frustrations during conversations with humans. Bots that identify and resolve the issue in minimum steps are the need of the hour.

The Solution:

Natural language processing and machine learning can be the savior. As the bot form conversations, they also learn from it and get better. This will help in forming robust, meaningful and intuitive conversations. The technology is evolving and the chatbot developers need to continuously refine, evolve, launch and keep on upgrading.

Issue 3: Chatbots Cannot Provide Answers To Every Problem, Just Yet!

Presently, Chatbots offer robotic and clunky conversational experiences. Chatbot developers are working hard to evolve the technology, but that should not limit the usage of bots. The focus should be on improvising the experiences.

The Solution:

The transition from human to complete bot conversation needs to be monitored by developers. As and when a situation arises, which needs specific resolutions, a human intervention can always help. People can have queries that can be absurd & unique, something that can confuse the bot. Such inquiries can be easily assisted by human operators, with bots learning from them.

Issue 4: Chatbots Are Considered As Spam

Chatbots development and its commercial splurge has led to a fact that chatbots are nothing but spam. Bots provide this great opportunity to engage in conversations with humans. It’s usage in one-way promotions & marketing can be detrimental.

The Solution:

Forming a strategy, developing an objective and thorough contextual understanding of conversations is critical. Encouraging right questions by bots and forging two-way interactions can be the deal-maker. It can lead to great experiences for customers and build brand loyalty. Using bots as a marketing tool, read – spamming tool, can have adverse effects on the brand.

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