Ruby on Rails is a perfect fit for web applications. Over 3 million websites use Ruby on Rails in their technology stack. It is fast, scalable and suitable for MVP development. That’s why most startups prefer it for their prototypes. Ruby on Rails reduces the development time by 25 to 40 percent. Its diverse applicability makes it suitable for home care app development

The home care industry is evolving. Earlier, senior citizens were not a fan of technology. But today, a cloud-based solution simplifies home care for seniors. A caregiver web portal enables finding the perfect person for taking care of elders. It also verifies whether the caregiver has properly reached and delivered the services or not – like the electronic visit verification case study we will talk about later.

Large Scale Application Design in Ruby on Rails

This article talks about the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for caregiver websites. We will highlight how Rails helps the home care industry is reaping the benefits from a web application. After that, we will focus on a home care app development case study with Ruby on Rails that will clear all your doubts. 

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Why Ruby on Rails for Caregiver Websites?

Ruby on Rails is a robust framework for building the best caregiver websites. Since they require dynamic functionality, Rails comes in handy. Whether it’s logging in account details, verifying the visit status, or connecting with seniors through a simple chat feature – Ruby on Rails can help in adding all these functionalities to the caregiver website app.

Here are a few reasons to choose Ruby on Rails for caregiver app development – 

  1. Rapid prototyping
    As mentioned, Ruby on Rails reduces the app development time by 25% to 40%. The code is clean, simple, and easy to write. Rails developers are easily available. Fewer lines of code can perform powerful functions. In a couple of weeks, you can have your first product ready for launch.
  2. Cost-effective
    Ruby on Rails is highly affordable. Home care services websites don’t need to be expensive. The framework is available free of cost – it has an open-source license. Developers are available for a low price. Since development is quick – the hourly cost of building homecare applications is relatively less.
  3. Powerful RubyGems
    RubyGems are the plugins for adding features to the web application. There are almost 5000+ RubyGems. You don’t have to write the code from scratch for everything. There are gems for testing, debugging, and deploying the app. RubyGems speed up the home care app development process twofold.
  4. Active community
    One of the biggest advantages of Ruby on Rails is its active community. The framework is mature enough and has all the support developers need. If there’s a problem in building home care agency websites, the community will provide specific solutions to the issues. 

Now that we understand why Ruby on Rails is perfect for a homecare web app, we can move onto a caregiver case study that showcases how an application uses Rails. BoTree built this caregiver web portal for employee visit verification. Let’s look at it in more detail.

Homecare Application: Proven Case Study for Ruby on Rails

EVV or Electronic Visit Verification is a product for Unison Workforce Technologies, LLC. It is a useful tool to ensure that caregivers are reaching the seniors. The purpose was to cut down fraudulent documentation of home visits. It is a cloud-based solution that allows the home care agency to verify the employee’s visit to the household. It is a caregiver website app that ensures proper and regular care is given to those who are using the agency services. 

Caregiver Websites


The primary difficulty was in tracking home caregivers and verifying whether they are visiting the household or not. There was no way to ensure for the agency whether care was being delivered or not to the seniors. Apart from that, Medicaid fraud was also rising. There was no way to verify the accuracy of the bills. Without home care services websites, there was no dashboard to understand the whereabouts of the workforce and their management in a single place. 


We used the following technologies for building the solution – 

  • Ruby on Rails 5
  • Redis Server
  • Postgresql
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Twilio
  • Amazon AWS & S3

The solution development was a little bit of a challenge. It required the development of a mobile application and a web application. 

The EVV caregiver website app enabled the home care agencies to track the visit status, schedule appointments, monitor billing, request alerts & notifications, and audit the reports provided by the caregiver. There was a centralized dashboard for properly managing and monitoring the activities under a single roof.

The EVV mobile app focused on the check-in and check-out facility for the caregivers. It also had a timesheet and worksheet to record the activities during the time spent at the carereceiver’s household. 

We added the functionality of generating alerts whenever there was any delay in the activity or an appointment was missed. The EVV homecare application recorded this in the mobile application and the report could be seen in the centralized dashboard.

The core features of the homecare web app included – 

  • Real-time notifications
    Using the fire-based cloud messaging platform, we built the functionality for getting real-time notifications if a session was missed.
  • Interactive response
    Smart interactive voice response was built using Twilio for intuitive visit auditing and logging the reports.
  • Lucid dashboard
    The centralized dashboard showcased the time logs and activities for each session and allowed proper staff management.
  • Timezone preferences
    The EVV caregiver web portal was developed in such a way that it fulfilled the requirement of any home care agency across the world.


EVV or Electronic Visit Verification is one of the leading systems for managing the staff in the homecare industry. It has an accuracy of 1-foot while tracking the staff visit status. With the help of GPS, it offers real-time location tracking, notifications and enables swift communication with employees.

BoTree Technologies is a trusted web and mobile application development company, skilled in building homecare applications, caregiver web portals, and all kinds of home care industry apps.