DevOps services combine development and IT operations to create a collaborative atmosphere of product development. It leads to rapid application deployment by simultaneous implementation of the design, testing, and delivery of products.

DevOps solutions provide tighter integration and cross-functional management of the development process. With the advent of AWS services, DigitalOcean Devops Services, Google Cloud, and other cloud computing providers, DevOps plays an important role in the digital transformation of an organization.

In this blog, we highlight the 5 emerging DevOps services trends and how they will impact the development processes in 2020.

5 DevOps Services Trends to Look forward to

DevOps helps in keeping pace with dynamic customer demands by helping to build real-time applications. The teams working together ensures that effective communication takes place and leads to increased efficiency, faster development, continuous delivery, and automation.

HERE are the 5 DevOps Consulting Trends you should watch for:-

  • Experience personalization
    • DevOps teams must closely look to the trend of personalizing applications for their users. Their architecture and software must align in such a way that supports the dynamic expectations of the users from the application.
    • Google Now is an excellent example of this. It provides information on topics you like and provides customizations to hide or show features based on that topic. DevOps services will have to ensure that the user gets the most control over their experience with minimal interference from the application. The team must implement subsets if they want to personalize the experience in a better way.
  • Rapid integration & deployment
    • One visible DevOps consulting trend is rapid integration & deployment without continuous releases. Teams are looking to swiftly put the code into production but without releasing continuous upgrades.
    • The reason is that customers are not happy with frequent changes. Once they are unconsciously trained to use an application, changing that experience leads to resentment for the user. If there are frequent feature updates, the user has to train herself every time to use them. Therefore, DevOps solutions focus on continuous code deployment and releasing the updates once without frequently disturbing the application.
  • Logical decision-making
    • DevOps consulting teams now have easy access to statistics and data through which logical decisions can be made for app development. Since reports can be generated in real-time, it has become possible for the DevOps team to get a closer look at their outcomes.
    • DevOps thinking is more scientific where teams now ask questions related to product improvement, performance measurement, and the impact of outcomes. The teams have based their processes on data and metrics which provides them with a clear view of where their efforts stand in the development lifecycle.
  • Improving existing operations
    • DevOps solutions are now more focused on improving the existing operations rather than creating new workflows for development. The teams are concentrating on achieving the maximum out of the current state of their operations because it leads to better efficiency.
    • Organizations want to work with existing tools but enhance their performance. DevOps services teams understand this landscape and make better use of their knowledge to build functionalities around those tools. Users don’t want new operations that disrupt their flow but improved processes.
  • Accessibility standards
    • This is one of the primary trends revolving around DevOps consulting services. Teams are now more focused on the accessibility of applications and are cautious in complying with the accessibility standards set by the government.
    • Accessibility is not an extension of personalization, but it certainly is compatibility. Several people have different accessibility needs, and DevOps teams are focusing on applications that can separately serve them all.

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