It’s 2020, and the Ruby on Rails framework is still crushing it. Whether it’s an E-commerce application or an InsurTech platform, Ruby on Rails web development offers everything the world of software engineering needs. Payment gateways to secure authentication, the framework hasn’t lost its charm because of the host of features it provides for web application development.

Every 20th website on the Internet amongst the top 10,000 best websites uses Ruby on Rails for web development. Airbnb, Basecamp, Shopify, Groupon, are only a few examples of world-class companies that use Ruby on Rails framework in their technology stack.

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There’s a myth that Ruby on Rails web development framework is dying. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want a top-notch yet affordable web application, then you should hire an expert Ruby on Rails web development company as quickly as possible.

Why should you use Ruby on Rails framework in 2020?

Web and mobile applications are increasingly becoming the need of the hour for every kind of business – startups to multinational corporations. But it’s about achieving a competitive edge with your web application development – and Ruby on Rails can give it to you.

2020 is forcing everyone to switch to digital transformation. A web application is a promising way to move operations online. Whether you get an ERP app or B2C app, it depends on the objective you want to achieve. Rails web development services are useful for both small scale B2C apps and high-end ERP apps that have heavy traffic load.

Talking about traffic – since everyone is working from home or staying indoors, there has been an increase in the usage of web and mobile apps. Customers want to connect with your business from the comfort of your home, and an application is the best way to do that. For an affordable, scalable, and dynamic app, Ruby on Rails web application development should be your first choice.

While the framework is not going out-of-date anytime soon, there are a few obstacles that hinder RoR development. Read this blog to know how to overcome the most common Ruby on Rails development obstacles.

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What makes Web Development using Ruby on Rails so unique?

There are two primary things that bring Ruby on Rails web development at the forefront of business and customer-based applications. Ruby on Rails never disappoints you because it is a simple yet powerful framework for web applications. The two key factors that make it so unique are:-

  • RubyGems
    • The entire community of RoR developers admire the framework because of RubyGems. These are special plugins/add-ons that simplify the process of custom application development. There are plugins for a variety of features that you want to add in your application.
    • RubyGems save a lot of valuable time by avoiding the need to code each and every feature. You can utilize RubyGems for app deployment, testing automation, continuous integration, and much more. With the help of the package manager, you can design and distribute your own addons.
    • Instead of frequently configuring the codebase for adding new features, developers can install a RubyGem and work wonders with the application. They can avoid complex coding and enhance the application functionality with the help of these plugins.
  •  MVC Architecture
    • The second and most important factor that makes the Ruby on Rails web development framework so unique is the Model-View-Controller(MVC) Architecture. The model comprises the code for working on the application. View refers to the presentation of data to the users. The control is the mediator between the model and view that receives requests, processes it with the help of the model, and displays it to the user using the view.
    • Ruby on Rails programmers loves the MVC architecture because it appropriately arranges the application blocks. It facilitates easy maintenance of the application and assists in quick testing. The MVC architecture is the simplest visual representation of the application data and code.

Ruby on Rails isn’t the only framework with such uniqueness. Read this blog to know a detailed comparison between Ruby on Rails and Django for web development – another excellent framework based on Python.

What are the Advantages of Ruby on Rails Web Development?

Now let’s talk about why Ruby on Rails is still one of the best web development frameworks for businesses all over the world. It is a framework based on an agile development model that develops the application in short iteration cycles. It means that after every sprint, Ruby on Rails web developers will receive feedback and modify the application.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Web Development framework

The result of such a process is a rapid prototype that you can launch and test in the market. It is essential to obtain a competitive edge in your industry. Making changes in the Ruby on Rails codebase is also simple as you don’t have to customize the code from scratch.

Here are a few advantages of Ruby on Rails framework for web development:-

  • Coding simplicity
    • One of the biggest advantages of web development using Ruby on Rails is coding simplicity. The framework uses Ruby, a high-level, object-oriented, yet simple programming language. The syntax is easy to read and write. Sometimes, it feels like the code is written in native English.
    • The readability makes Ruby on Rails self-documenting. It removes any complexity from coding and leads to MVP development in less amount of time. Developers don’t need to write separate text or comments for others. On top of that, Ruby on Rails web application development is easier to learn, allowing developers to become experts in less time.
  • Rapid MVP development
    • Ruby on Rails web development, especially by developers at BoTree Technologies, reduces the app development time by almost 25 to 40 percent. Because of the lean codebase, RubyGems, modular design, and extensive open-source code, Ruby on Rails can help you to build an MVP within a couple of weeks.
    • The faster development can also be attributed to the fewer lines of code required for custom application development using Ruby on Rails. You can launch a prototype product, check for errors and issues, and fix it on-the-go. Making modifications in the MVP is much faster than launching a perfect product.
  • Diverse applications
    • Ruby on Rails agile web development is not limited to any industry. It is a robust and dynamic web application development framework that can serve the needs of a diverse set of industries. Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web development framework that takes care of both the front-end and back-end.
    • That’s why businesses with distinct app requirements can benefit from Ruby on Rails. Today, the RoR framework serves the business needs of industries like healthcare, insurance, finance, technology, e-commerce, hospitality, real estate, advertising, travel, entertainment, e-learning, the marketplace, social media, and many more.

For an entire list of pros and cons of Ruby on Rails, click here to read a comprehensive article that will clear all your doubts.

Hire the best Ruby on Rails Development Company in 2020

If you want a web application for your startup, small business or corporation, Ruby on Rails web development framework is perfect. It provides you with all the tools and plugins required to develop an application that is scalable, dynamic, and appealing.

Getting the help of experts is always the best way to develop your web application.

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