Testing must be planned and it requires discipline to act upon it. Test process starts with planning and control followed by designing and analysis then implementation and preparing for execution, deciding when to stop testing and reporting and finally deciding test closure activities.

The activities of testing can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Planning and Control
  2. Analysis and Design
  3. Implementation and Execution
  4. Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting
  5. Test Closure activities

1. Planning and Control

Test Planning is a Fundamental Test Process which defines the objective and goal of the testing process. Using requirement specification test plan can be made more detailed.

  • Deciding the scope and risk of testing
  • Deciding the overall approach of testing
  • Scheduling test analysis and design process
  • Assigning resources to different activities

2. Analysis and Design

Test Analysis and Design is a fundamental test process which creating test conditions & test cases.

Test Analysis and Test Design have the following major tasks:

  • Analysis and understand the requirements.
  • Design the test conditions.
  • Design the test scenario.
  • Detailing the test environment set-up and identifying the required infrastructure and tools.

3. Implementation and Execution

Test implementation and execution is a fundamental test process in which actual work is done. In this process executing test cases with test data.

  • Creating test cases and prioritizing them.
  • Executing test procedures using test execution tools
  • Checking actual result with expected results
  • Setting up the test environment.
  • Re-testing/Regression testing.

4. Evaluating Exit criteria and Reporting

Exit criteria were set during the initial stage of fundamental test process i.e. during planning and control.

Evaluating exit criteria and reporting has the following:

  • Prepare test summary report for Team members.
  • Check if exit criteria specified during planning is met and see if more tests are needed.

5. Test Close activities

Test closure activities are done when software is ready to be delivered.

Test closure activity is following major tasks.

  • Ensuring all defects are closed.
  • Taking down the Points we learned from this testing project for future reference.
  • When some target is achieved

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