All Marketo customers and professional marketers share their common and favorite features of this popular and useful marketing automation platform. This includes its unique ‘Engagement Engine’ which seems to be one of its best features. It is also very popular for its active user community.

This marketing automation software maker Marketo has gained immense popularity over the years and has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Currently, there are about 4,300 customers. A few of its interesting facts and features include:

  • It is one of the most widely used marketing tech platforms.
  • It has a unique integrating ability with other SaaS providers and,
  • The 550-partner LaunchPoint ecosystem makes it an irreplaceable tool for several modern marketers.

No matter how useful and powerpack it is, unfortunately, the average users are not aware of all the Marketo features. If you are one of them and are deprived of all the benefits that Marketo has to offer, this article will help you a great deal to find some of the advanced capabilities of Marketo.

Marketo’s Robust Mobile Tools

This is a new feature that Marketo introduced last year. This new mobile feature will help digital marketers to make the best use of mobile devices and stay on top of modern mobile trends.

Since more and more people use their mobile devices, especially their smartphones, it is essential for the marketers of today to design all their efforts around it. There are different types of mobile devices used by consumers to access the internet. This makes it all the more essential for the marketers to create their campaign assets within Marketo. This will help them in many ways such as:

  • To optimize their campaign assets for the mobile device users
  • To extend their communication to SMS and,
  • Make sure that it is accessible easily on any mobile device whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a phablet.

The new mobile features of Marketo will do all of these for you.

The most significant thing about the mobile features is Marketo Moments. This is an Android and iOS app that will provide easy mobile access to the performance updates of the email campaigns. This adds to the mobile strength of Marketo and helps you in turn to gain different levels of traction within your marketing team.

This feature is ideally very good to use especially for accommodating those last-minute decision-making dilemmas and requests like:

  • What the final email version was and,
  • Do not send that email and others.

This feature will also help you to have a bird’s eye view of all your emails and event campaigns to show and tell at a conference.

However, if you do not have the entire platform at your fingertips you will not be able to see the full value of it like most of the other marketers who have been using it since it became available.

A/B Email Testing

This feature makes precise decisions and proves to be one of the most popular and strongest Marketo features. The capability of the platform to do A/B testing on diverse parts of your outbound email will make it all the more effective and useful for further analysis in the future to judge the trend and its performance.

When you use the A/B testing module section, you will have the ability to test a lot of dissimilar things such as:

  • Multiple subject lines
  • Date and time of the emails sent
  • When the email will be sent
  • The recipient was sent to
  • The email-from address and,
  • The full versions of different emails.

When you conduct these different kinds of tests, you will be able to know the exact ways in which you can increase open rates, conversions and also determine the specific types of emails and their variants that are most successful and useful for your audience.

Therefore, it can be summarized that with the A/B testing feature added into the platform’s ability, it has in fact substantially increased your ability to create a better impact through your email marketing campaigns and drive more leads and better results.

Engagement Engine Feature

The “Engagement Engine” of Marketo can be effectively termed as its “power tool.” All of the users of Marketo must take full advantage of it. This is because while using the Engagement Engine, Marketo customers will be able to learn and do a lot of things that include:

  • Learning the behaviors of their customers
  • Listening to what their prospects are doing on a specific stream
  • Adjusting the frequency trying to increase the engagement level if someone is not engaging.

All in all, this feature will enable you to design more industry-specific or persona-centric email campaigns that will generate more leads and nurture them as well. You will also be able to identify the changes within a stream.

For any average B2B Marketo user there may be tens to hundreds of thousands of leads flowing through the lead nurture programs at any given point of time. Managing all these leads will not be easy for any business owner without a proper lead management tool used, especially if the campaigns are long that extend beyond a year of content. When this feature of the tool you will be able to avoid a few pretty big mistakes.

In addition to that, you will also be able to create engagement programs that are more flexible and will work with each other. This will, in turn, help you to move the buyers across the streams so that you can better serve them with relevant content.

This makes the Engagement Engine feature of Marketo extremely important for marketers.

Micro-Targets Website Visitors

Lastly, the fact that Marketo lets businesses to personalize the web pages is another useful feature. This is done on the basis of a few parameters such as:

  • The user experiences
  • The location and
  • Special promotions.

This will enable you to provide your customers with the kind of personalization they expect to have online.

All these features make Marketo a smart tool that all marketers should use to make a smart move.

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