Now that you have decided to get a web application, you might struggle to decide on the best programming languages for web development. Every project has specific requirements – and the selection of web development languages depends on what you want to achieve with it.

For example, – Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages for startup web application development. It is quick and straightforward – leading to rapid MVP development. But it is usually not recommended for scalable enterprise application development. For that purpose, Python is your best bet.

How to select the Best Web Programming Language

There are over 600 languages for web development. Selecting the right one depends on a lot of factors. While finalizing the language, consider the following: 

  1. Ensure that it is a popular programming language that is firmly established and popular among developers.
  1. The best programming languages for web development have a wide community and members who provide constant updates.
  1. A stable and popular programming language for full stack web development will be updated regularly and has regular stable releases.
  1. Identify if the programming language is suitable for your application’s size and complexity and can impact the development time and cost.
  1. The top web development languages have great libraries, modules, and plugins to add functionalities to the application – eliminating the need to write a lot of code.

Apart from that, all the top programming languages for web development will have a demand for developers. Suppose there is a steady or quick in developer salaries. As is the case with Python, R, and Go, it is probably one of the emerging and best programming languages for web development.

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Top 5 Programming Languages for Web Development

Now that you know how to choose a programming language for web development – it is time to decide upon one. Could you ever select the right one from 600 web development programming languages? Going through all of them is not entirely possible.

So in this article, we are compiling a list of the top 5 programming languages that enable swift and quick web development. The plan is based on the popularity, community, and programming languages in business and enterprise application development. 

Here are the 5 popular programming languages for web application development, in no particular order of ranking – 

  1. Python

Probably the most growth happened in Python for web development. It is a highly user-friendly programming language that is often on the list of top programming languages for web development. 

The best thing is the intuitive and clear syntax of Python – almost English-like. Some developers even believe it is much like Java in terms of writing the code. It is an extremely versatile programming language for powerful and dynamic applications.

Most enterprise apps use Python because of its scalability. Complemented by the robus framework, Django, Python delivers on all kinds of project requirements. Instagram, Spotify, Mozilla – all three are the result of Django and Python.

Python is also one of the top 5 programming languages for data science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning applications. It offers versatile code and easy algorithmic coding. Libraries like NumPy and SciPy are popular for scientific programming, computation, and data manipulation capabilities. Overall, Python is best for scalable web applications, AI and ML apps, and enterprise application development.

  1. Ruby 

Commonly used in Ruby on Rails web development, Ruby is a programming language that needs no introduction. It is a beginner-friendly language that has a vast community. The object-oriented language is dynamic and heavily focused on improving application functionality.

As the powerhouse of Ruby on Rails, the programming language and the framework are often termed as “the startup technology” stack. It is a clear server-side programming language. It is a disruptive web programming language used by companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Basecamp, and more.

Another added advantage is RubyGems. They are the plugins that make development easier with Ruby on Rails. It eliminates the need to write the code from scratch for a lot of features like host authorization, payment gateway integration, and more.

  1. JavaScript

It is nearly impossible for a developer to stray away from JavaScript. For the seventh year in a row, Stack Overflow’s survey has ranked JavaScript as the most popular programming language in the web development industry. Almost 70% of developers have used JavaScript in the past year or so as their preferred language for web development.

If your aim is to create interactive web pages and require a front-end programming language, then JavaScript is a perfect choice. For scalable web applications, you can use it as a server-side scripting language along with Node.js. It works with all major browsers and has a flexible syntax.

Among the most popular programming languages for browser programming, JavaScript is at the top of the list. For heavy I/O tasks, it is the right language as it works with event-driven programming. 

However, as security comes into the picture, JavaScript is not so evolved in handling them. It can also change the user-experience depending on the web browser.

  1. PHP

One of the popular backend web development programming languages. It manages interconnections between the server and data handling. It doesn’t focus much on the front end and GUI of the application. 

Being a stable and mature programming language for web development offers everything to build a dynamic app. It can power any kind of website or application as it has a plethora of features.

As an old and reliable language, PHP is a wide community of developers that update it regularly. It has automated testing and deployment tools, enabling you to quickly test the web application without following a comprehensive and effortful process.

One of the cons of PHP as a web programming language is security. It is not secure by design and is more reliant on extensions and additional plugins for feature development.

  1. Java

No list of the top 5 programming languages is complete without mentioning Java. The programming language is often cited as the best for mobile and web app development. Since it is not limited, you can develop Blu-Ray apps, enterprise apps, mobile apps, and web apps. 

Java is a ubiquitous programming language – one that focuses on “write once and run anywhere”. The runtime remains the same on any device and all kinds of web browsers – regardless of wherever you run it. Java has been known as the best programming language for ages.

Even though heavy memory management, stability, and platform independence make it amazing for web development. However, when compared to native applications, Java apps can deliver slower performance and use much more capacity than other languages. 

Conclusion: The Best Programming Languages are Reliable

Even though these were the most popular programming languages for web development, there are several more like Scala, Go, R, etc., that you can explore for web applications. 

The best programming language for web development will be reliable and suit your project requirements. You can take the help of web development experts before deciding on a programming language. Developers can go through your project needs and identify the best one for you. 

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