There are 4,029,294 websites that currently use Ruby on Rails in their technology stack. These websites range in industries from finance to manufacturing. Ruby on Rails development services are the perfect companion for companies that want rapid, scalable, easy-to-maintain products. 

The best thing about Ruby on Rails web development is its simplicity. Ruby, is the programming language used by the framework. Ruby has simple syntax and RoR itself has a simple interface and easy-to-use toolkit. Any RoR developer can start on a Rails project within no time because of the easy learning curve that it has.

But using Ruby on Rails for App development requires the assistance of tools. The Ruby on Rails development services ecosystem is one of the most comprehensive, versatile, and dynamic ever. It has tools, plugins, libraries, platforms that enable developers and enterprises to build high-quality applications. 

Top 10 Tools to Simplify RoR App Development

Whether it’s keeping the code clean and organized or deploying products on the cloud, there’s a tool that simplifies this process in RoR app development. Developers often find these tools and plugins as useful resources that provide additional functionality apart from Rails’s true capabilities.

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This article will highlight the top 10 tools that simplify the process of Ruby on Rails App development. It will comprise of plugins and tools that are generally called “RubyGems” in the Rails ecosystem. 

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10 Most Popular Tools that simplify Ruby on Rails App Development

RubyGems is a package manager that has a lot of gems or plugins, libraries, and tools to easily help in Rails development. They help in adding features, enhancing development capabilities, and ensuring that the solution is of the highest quality.

We will be highlighting the top 10 tools that most RoR application development companies use to build high-quality applications. These tools range from code testing to easing authentication in Ruby on Rails web development services.

Here are the top 10 Ruby development tools selected by top developers at BoTree Technologies. These tools and libraries can be used by developers to simplify the development of RoR applications:-

  1. RubyMine
    • A popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Ruby on Rails, RubyMine provides a host of features to enable developers to build fully functional web and mobile applications. There’s support for languages like Ruby, ERB, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and others.
    • The IDE provides a graphical user interface debugger for JavaScript, Ruby, and CoffeeScript. However, it is a paid tool that requires a license fee for usage.
  2. Atom Editor
    • One of the best Ruby on Rails IDE for Ruby on Rails app development services, Atom, is an open-source editor by GitHub, which is now a subsidiary of Microsoft. It is a highly customizable platform that increases productivity during the development process. Git and Github for version control are automatically integrated into the editor.
    • Atom doesn’t require the Ruby on Rails developers to move the configuration files each time. Therefore, it leads to much faster RoR development than several other editors.
  3. Netbeans
    • One of the most popular development ecosystems for RoR web solutions, Netbeans offers complete end-to-end application development for Ruby on Rails. It is a fast and highly optimized IDE that increases the efficiency of the development process. It is highly useful for building web applications, desktop apps, and even mobile apps.
    • A huge advantage of Netbeans is that it is a cross-platform editor, which runs perfectly well on Microsoft, Linux, and macOS.
  4. Rubocop
    • Rubocop is one of the major Rails tools that simplifies the development process. It is considered as one of the best RoR gems is Rubocop. It is a code analyzer that tells developers what’s wrong with the coding style and assists with finding bugs and errors in the code as well.
    • Rubocop checks the code grammar, variations, and other things to ensure that the code matches the Ruby best practices and guidelines.
  5. Pry
    • Developers at any RoR consulting company would agree to the power of Pry, a runtime developer console. There is structure highlighting, robus plugin framework, and documentation that simplifies development.  It is one of the best Ruby on Rails tools that provides an interactive development ecosystem, which enables developers to customize it as they wish..
    • Pry is a flexible tool for Ruby on Rails application development. It receives the input, processes it quickly, and returns the desired result to the user.
  6. Bullet
    • Another tool that improves the performance of RoR apps and reduces the number of queries for processing is Bullet. It enables developers to decide when the counter cache is required by understanding the number of queries that the system is facing. It is a great rubygem for handling the scaling requirements of the application.
    • Bullet also tells the RoR developer when to use eager loading. It is a great tool to simplify the Ruby on Rails web development process.
  7. Sinatra
    • When enterprises want to build small applications in less amount of time, then Sinatra is the best Rails tools that can be used. It is an open-source library with the best customizations to build high-quality web applications. When developers want to create domain-specific applications, they can use Sinatra to work with heavy personalization options.
    • The tool is easily documented, which enables Ruby on Rails developers to deploy it with ease. Applications built with Sinatra run comparatively faster than others.
  8. Omniauth
    • A reliable and primary RubyGem for development, Omniauth is useful when there’s a need for authentication from multiple providers. When enterprises want their users to log in from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and others, Omniauth is the tool that comes in handy. It provides user data in the form of hash after redirecting it from another website.
    • Omniauth has a solution in the form of a black box that runs as rack middleware. It is one of the fastest ways to integrate multiple authentications.
  9. Opal
    • A compiler and also kind of a runtime environment, Opal enables developers to execute Ruby over a server or a web browser. It acts as a compilation for Ruby to Javascript compilation, simplifying the process for RoR developers. It is one of the best core libs that the RoR app development team utilizes in the application.
    • In simple words, Opal translates Ruby into Javascript. It leads to better interactivity when a user visits the web application.
  10. Guard
    • One of the best RubyGems in Ruby on Rails applications development services, Guard, is helpful to avoid repetitive and mundane tasks like relaunching and more. When there is any modification in the files, Guard automates different tasks based on the rules set for the files. It is also useful for replacing IDEs, designing responsive workflows, and installing and evaluating different system services.
    • Most web developers utilize Guard for automating their tasks. It drastically increases the speed of development. 

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Wrapping Up

By using the right tools and RubyGems for RoR application development, enterprises can benefit in terms of the speed, performance, and efficiency of the application. 

BoTree Technologies is a leading Ruby on Rails web app development company. When you hire RoR developers from us, you can be assured that we will utilize the best Ruby development tools to build web and mobile applications.


Top 10 Tools to Simplify RoR App Development