Python programming language is an advanced programming language that has gained high popularity. It has applications in web development, data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big data, and more. Today, many companies are moving towards Python web programming for their technical requirements.

Some of the top tech companies using Python include Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, and more. Python developers love the language because of its readability and simple syntax. It is widely useful in game development, social networking applications, and data visualization as well. 

In this article, we will look at the top 15 apps made with Python. We will outline how they are using Python web development services in their technology stack.

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Top 15 websites made with Python

Here’s a list of the top 15 web applications built with Python:- 

  1. Netflix
    The world’s most popular streaming website, Netflix, was built with Python. Because of its batteries-included standards libraries, developers choose Python for development. The clean and expressive syntax makes website building with Python an easy task. The programming language in scaling and handling massive amounts of traffic.
  2. Google
    Another popular website using Python is Google. The language and its complementary framework allow developers to switch the traffic and handle the search requirements for each and every level. Google is a Python web application that runs seamlessly without many issues in the development process.
  3. YouTube
    A sister concern of Google, YouTube was majorly written in Python. It offers multiple features and libraries that make the experience interactive for the users. It has been coded in a way that simplifies the process of uploading videos, downloading, and sharing them. YouTube is now the world-leader in online video streaming.
  4. Instagram
    The famous image-sharing website was built with Python. It is user-friendly, simple, clean, and widely logical. The interface of Instagram is the courtesy of Python web development. It is also heavily useful for growing a team of engineers as scalability is not an issue with the platform.
  5. Uber
    The ride-hailing application was born from Python. Their primary tech stack consists of Python, Node.js, Go, and Java. Python frameworks like Django and Flask are also massively used for building different applications like Uber. The company uses only 2 main programming languages at a time in their stack.
  6. Pinterest
    Users can discover and save information from the world-wide net using Pinterest. The company started with Python as it helped them scale and build applications reliability. There are a lot of third-party Python libraries that the company uses for communication and configuration management.
  7. Dropbox
    One of the world’s largest cloud storage solutions providers, Dropbox uses Python web programming in their tech stack. It uses the programming language for file hosting and enabling users to communicate seamlessly with different aspects of the application.
  8. Quora
    The question-and-answer based platform uses Python web development for management. The founders need a fast programming language, and Python ensured that. In the last 5 years, the codebase has evolved drastically. Today, the Python application stands as a pillar for the complete development of Quora.  Check out Python applications examples.
  9. Spotify
    One of our favorites, Spotify, extensively uses Python in its codebase. Since the company wanted to focus on speed, they needed the simplicity and readability capabilities of Python. For IO-bound services, the company utilizes the Python async frameworks. Today, Spotify ranks as the top music streaming service in the world.
  10. Reddit
    A social news aggregator platform, Reddit is commonly known as the front page of the internet. The company admires the programming languages for its extensive libraries. The code is exceptionally expressive, readable, and simplistic enough for even new developers to begin coding on the project.
  11. Yahoo!
    Google’s biggest competitor, Yahoo!, uses the Python programming language for a wide variety of applications. It utilizes the language and frameworks for Yahoo! Maps. Apart from that, a lot of designs of the Yahoo interface work on Python. The language has given search capabilities to the platform, similar to Google.
  12. Instacart
    The grocery delivery and pick-up service now serves 5,500 cities in North America. Python is used for data estimation, validation, and reading from different sources. The language helps them find approximations of demand and supply using Machine Learning algorithms. Instacart is heavily using the language for its development.
  13. Disqus
    A famous commenting plugin, Disqus, moderates the incoming content and helps in controlling the comments. It makes use of Python and its framework Django for security features and regular security patches. The plugin allows multiple sign-ins and notifications to always keep users in the loop. Python programming is a major contributor to this.
  14. Survey Monkey
    The top survey application, Survey Monkey, is a prime example of a website using Python. It makes the platform interactive and easy-to-use. It can handle heavy traffic load, and Python helps in scaling as well. One of the most useful utilities for researchers, Survey Monkey, uses Python due to its extensibility and readability.
  15. Bitly
    The popular URL shortener uses Python web programming for link management. Interestingly, the platforms came to existence all because of Python web development. It manages over 600 million links annually and is now the most used URL shortener in the world. 

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Python programming is increasingly preferred by companies for several reasons. It offers scalability, readability, simplicity, and, most importantly – flexibility in development. Python frameworks like Django and Flask are used with the language for an added advantage. Checkout difference between Django and Flask.

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Today, the trend for Python web applications is multiplying every day. Companies want to use its data science capabilities in their favor. If you want a web application, Python is the right programming language.